Appendix acute suppurative appendicitis

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Appendix acute suppurative appendicitis

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Appendicitis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the appendix. It is classified as a medical emergency, in many cases, it has been required removal by laparoscopic or laparotomy plus or inflamed. May lead to circulatory shock inflammation and intestinal infections and (peritoneal) primarily to the risk of rupture leading to sepsis arbitrary known as peritonitis clinically untreated, mortality is high. Describes the appendicitis of acute and chronic in 1886 and is recognized as one of the most common causes of acute abdominal pain of severe global Reginald Fitz first. It is correctly diagnosed appendicitis, non-acute form “is rumbling appendicitis” is known as. It is used for the condition term “false appendicitis” to describe the mimic appendicitis. It may be related to Yersinia enterocolitica.

The latter, it is described this pain, vomiting, fever, as a classic expression of acute appendicitis. Innervation of the appendix because it must enter into the spinal cord at the same level as (navel) navel, stomach pain, start higher. Then, in the appendix, is the swelling, stimulate the abdominal wall surrounding it, there is a tendency with the exception of children under the age of 3, localized within a few hours in the lower right quadrant. It can be achieved by a variety of signs, this pain can be severe. Sign, including local findings of right iliac well. Abdominal wall becomes very sensitive to gentle pressure (palpation). In addition, there is a severe pain of the sudden release of pressure (jump response) in the deep part of the belly. In the case of (located behind the cecum) retrocecal appendix, however, may sensitization (silent appendix) does not occur pressure deep even in the lower right quadrant, and why, in an expansion cecum by gas , pressure is that prevent the addition of inflammation. Ni Doyo if the application is fully deployed in the pelvis, the complete cure without the abdomen, usually not. Cause rectal bladder bag with pain If you notice any of the rectal examination. (The point of McBurney) point tenderness in this area occurs, To localize the appendix this is inflamed, cough, is a method of painful at least. The palpation of the abdomen, if unintentionally it is (rigid) guard, there should be a strong suspicion of emergent surgical intervention peritonitis is required.

Based on experimental evidence, it appears that acute appendicitis, and the final result of occlusion of first (inner side of the tubular structure) the addition of the lumen. [7] then [8], a failure occurs, it causes obstruction and thrombosis of the stagnation of the flow of lymphatic and small vessel addition is followed, increasing the pressure in the wall and lumen of the annex, and fluid I was kept swelling. In rare cases, spontaneous recovery can not occur at this time. As the former run, post-ischemic, application is made to necrosis. The bacteria begin to leak wall, through the pus form appendix (suppuration) within and dying around. That sepsis, lead to death eventually (up to “burst supplement”) appendix destruction, causing peritonitis The end result of this cascade. Foreign body, trauma, tapeworm, and lymphadenitis, known as fecaliths or appendicoliths, most commonly, the agent including deposits of feces calcified

Because appearance prevent the attention of fecaliths of their presence in appendicitis patients, significantly higher in developed also in developing countries, appendix shit stone is associated with appendicitis and complex in general. In addition, as evidenced by fewer bowel movements per week significantly in acute appendicitis patients compared to healthy controls, may play a role arrest Innovation U feces. I suspect the occurrence of fecal pellet of appendix, to be due to the right side fecal retention reservoir in the long transit time and colon. Epidemiological data indicating that it was colon cancer and unknown very rare in the society adenomatous polyps and diverticulitis is exempt from appendicitis. Also, can occur with the precursor of colorectal cancer acute appendicitis, and colon has been shown. Several studies have provided evidence of a low fiber intake is involved in the pathogenesis of appendicitis. This is consistent with the fact that dietary fiber and the occurrence of correct feces tank would reduce the transit time.

Neutrophils and history (symptoms), is based on the physical examination, supported by an increase in white blood cells diagnosis. The story is divided into two categories of atypical and typical. There is abdominal pain that starts normally associated with loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, in the region of the navel of several hours appendicitis in general. After that, he developed a tenderness, to (left lower abdomen where inversion hair loss or patient) in the lower right quadrant pain “settled”. Combination of pain, loss of appetite, fever, and leukocytosis is a classic. It lacks the typical progression and history atypical may include pain in the lower right quadrant as an initial symptom. History of atypical require image and computed tomography and / or ultrasound often.