Antibody production

Custom peptide polyclonal antisera have become an instrument of paramount importance in the life science tool-box. However, raising peptide polyclonal antibodies is a laborious process and for a successful outcome, numerous pitfalls have to be avoided.

Gentaur offers a complete set of services, from peptide design to affinity purification. Whatever your requirements are, we are confident that we will be able to accommodate you.

Though every project is different, we have a standard custom peptide polyclonal antiserum package. This package can be extended according to your specifications and you will also be able to make modifications and additions during the course of a project.

The standard package includes:

Peptide Design

Peptide Synthesis, 25 mg

Peptide-Carrier Conjugation

12 week immunisation protocol for 1 rabbit according to:

Day 1 Collection of pre-immune serum
Day 1 Primary immunisation
Day 14 First booster
Day 28 Second booster
Day 42 First serum sample ~10 ml
Day 49 Third booster
Day 63 Second serum sample ~10 ml
Day 70 Fourth booster
Day 84 Production lot ~40 ml

ELISA analysis of the first serum sample.

Documentation of the project.

1200 EUR

Additional services are available such as:

Continuation of project
180 EUR per four-week cycle

Additional ELISA analyses
120 EUR per analysis

Affinity Purification of antisera
735 EUR

Supplying of antiserum in aliquots
60 EUR per serum sample

Antibody production

RayBio® Cytokine Antibody Array simplifies the detection of cytokine expression from biological samples. Our array-based technology is the first product available to simultaneously detect multiple cytokine expression in an array format. By using our system, you can rapidly and accurately identify the expression profiles of more than 120 different cytokines and other proteins at very inexpensive cost. Furthermore, the experiment can be performed at a general laboratory setting without any specialized equipment and special training.

RayBio®  Cytokine Antibody Arrays use a proprietary, patent-pending technology for high-throughput analysis of cytokine expression. The RayBio® procedure is simple and straightforward:

Step 1. Incubate the array membrane with your sample.
Step 2. Incubate the cytokine-bound membrane with a cocktail of biotin-labeled antibodies.
Step 3. Incubate the array membrane with HRP-conjugated streptavidin.
Step 4. Detection