Vas deferens

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Vas deferens

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Vas deferens is part of the male anatomy of many vertebrates, transport sperm from the epididymis in anticipation of ejaculation. There are two lines connecting the left and right epididymis to the ejaculatory ducts to move sperm. Each tube is (surrounded by smooth muscle) and muscle (human) to about 30 cm. The epithelium stereotsilii is lined. They are part of the spermatic cord. The ejaculation, smooth muscle, promote the sperm forward by it instinctively the wall of code contract. This is known as peristalsis. Seminal vesicles of sperm account for the majority urethra, the sperm from the vas deferens, was transferred to a collection of fluid from the gonads of male urethra by the prostate gland and spheres.

Further, steps deferentectomy known as vasectomy may be reversed in some instances, but it is a method of contraception continuously vas deferens was disconnected. Further, variants of recent known as vasectomy, without cutting the alarm system, but it includes injecting the arterial duct obstruction material to block the flow of sperm. Under the guidance, clinical trial test of male contraception have focused on VAS using the device of reversible inhibition of sperm and SAC. Will be drawn from the (artery of vas deferens) artery accompanying the vas deferens. Usually (and sometimes poor) this artery arises from urine branch artery, the internal iliac artery high.

In most vertebrates, I have some form of transfer tube of sperm to the urethra from the testes. Cartilaginous fish, the amphibians, is done by archinephric shaft that helps some of the sperm is to transport urine from the kidneys. In teleost fish, is a sperm important channel separation from ureter, it is in many cases, to that of a human homologous, it is called the vas deferens really not probably. In cartilaginous fish, and is wound to form the epididymis by archinephric channel closest to the testis. Less than or equal to the number of this small gland secretion component of semen. Receive the channel by the kidneys in most species and the end of the channel. But archinephric channel, has become a real spirit of Vas, amniotic membrane, used only for urine never sperm. As cartilaginous fish, the top of the channel to form the upper body. In many species, the code ends with a small bag for storing sperm. In vertebrates only, into a body cavity, vas deferens similar to the structure of which was the release sperm is primitive jawless fish in the surrounding water then directly from the hole and simple wall of the body.

Type head epididymis, the progress in the housing, sperm formed in the testis reaches the area cauda they are stored at the end. Head sperm entering the epididymis are incomplete – they will not be able to fertilize the egg and (exercise) to swim forward. It will save sperm for 2-3 months. During the transportation epididymis, need to get these functions sperm undergo a maturation process. The final maturity is completed the female reproductive tract in the (function). To ejaculation from (which acts as a storage tank) the bottom of the epididymis, sperm flowing. You can not they swim these, and has not been activated by the product of the prostate, carried by the peristaltic movement of the muscle layer of the vas deferens from the accessory gland and other seminal vesicles, to ejaculation before, and discharge of fluid mixing. Epithelial cells of the epididymis cusp with an optical microscope, they are called stereotsilii be displayed on the cilia is large, owns the many modifications. In the electron microscope, which is similar to the microvilli structurally and functionally that we have shown them, however, please refer to them as now stereovilli some.