Various cancers, high density (3)

Product name Various cancers, high density (3)
Cat. No. VC
Current version VC2
Data sheet VC2.pdf
No. of samples 146
No. of patients 146
Core diameter 2.0 mm
Section thickness 4 micrometer
Price 244 EUR
320 USD
210 GBP
Description ovary: 27 cores
myometrium: 2
prostate: 6
testis: 11
mediastinum: 1
penile shaft: 1
urinary bladder: 15
kidney: 16
brain: 6
thyroid: 15
adrenal gland: 21
thymus: 2
endocrine pancreas: 4
non-Hodgkin’s: 18
leukemia: 1

Various cancers urinary bladder

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Sarcoma is a cancer that arises from transformed cells of mesenchymal origin. Thus, the hematopoietic tissue malignancies made of bone cancer, cartilage, fat, muscle, or vasculature, by definition considered sarcoma. This is in contrast to malignant tumors derived from epithelial cells called cancer. Human sarcoma is very rare. For example, common malignancy breast cancer, such as lung and colon cancer are the most cases. The sarcoma, depending on the type of organization that is most similar, has been given the name some. For example, as of osteosarcoma, it is similar chondrosarcoma, in smooth muscle cartilage, fat, such as liposarcoma, such as leiomyosarcoma.

, In addition to names based on the tissue origin, grade (low, medium, high) sarcoma receive based on the frequency and the presence or absence of intracellular functions and specific cells associated with the biological behavior of malignant. It is used chemotherapy or radiotherapy at times, but typically, low-grade sarcoma were treated surgically. The combination of surgery, medium and high-grade sarcoma, has been treated with radiation therapy and / or chemotherapy often. Possibility that the higher-grade tumor is subjected to (spread of local and distant sites and aggression) metastasis as high, they are treated more aggressively. Recognition sarcoma many that are sensitive to chemotherapy can significantly improve the survival rate of patients. For example, in the days before the chemotherapy, long-term survival in patients with osteosarcoma is only about 20% locally, but it has risen to 60-70% currently.

Surgery is important in the treatment of sarcoma most. Unlike ablation, it is possible to preserve limb following surgery, is used to maintain the patient at the end of at least 90% of the tumors of the extremities. Adjunctive therapy comprising chemotherapy and radiation therapy may be administered and / or after pre-operative. Chemotherapy significantly, I have improved the prognosis of patients with many of them sarcoma, and osteosarcoma in particular. To be a long and difficult process will take about one year for many patients treatment. The sarcoma, new cases of 15,000 years is very rare in the United States. Thus, sarcoma, which represents about 1% of the new cancers diagnosed each year 1.5 million in Japan. Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) is the most common form of sarcoma 3.000 per year from 3.500 in the United States. Sarcoma affect people of all ages. 20% of soft tissue sarcoma and about 50% of osteosarcoma was diagnosed in individuals under the age of 35. The sarcoma of some gastrointestinal stromal tumor leiomyosarcoma, and chondrosarcoma, such as (GIST),, an adult are more common than children. In osteosarcoma of the highest grade, including osteosarcoma and Ewing’s sarcoma, it is much more common in children and young people.

Unknown soft tissue sarcoma growth of the cellular origin alveolar soft tissue sarcoma, abbreviated ASPS, and slowly, very unusual shape. It occurs mainly in children and young people. Other body parts, usually the lungs, the brain can be ASP (transition) transition. This type of cancer and sarcoma ASPS, indicate that arise from embryonic mesenchymal originally. The. Early embryogenesis redivides, it appears on each side of the field, dimples, to form a interior passage for forming the intestinal eventually dig around the region to form field (fertilized egg split.

It is part of the outer layer of art originally intended, which is part of the tunnel, cancers arising from cells called embryonic carcinoma;. Cancer arising from cells of the inner hole between the outer layer occurs in soft tissue deep (lower limbs) and the leg and the thigh muscle of normal) ASPS called sarcoma, but can occur in (arms, upper part of the limb head and neck there). ASP is a soft tissue sarcoma, but there is a possibility that it spread, grow on the inside of the bone. The term has come look at the analysis of the slide under the microscope in the ASPS histopathology, from microscopic alveolar model. Tumor cells seem to be arranged in the same pattern as cells (alveolar) bag small air into the lungs. However, this is merely structural similarities. Described in 1952 the first, ASPS was characterized.