Various cancers, high density (1)

Product name Various cancers, high density (1)
Cat. No. VA
Current version VA2
Data sheet VA2.pdf
No. of samples 146
No. of patients 146
Core diameter 1.0 mm
Section thickness 4 micrometer
Price 244 EUR
320 USD
210 GBP
Description oral cavity: 7 cores
nasopharynx: 6
salivary gland: 3
stomach: 31
small intestine: 5
colon: 18
rectum: 9
anus: 1
liver: 16
biliary: 6
pancreas: 5
larynx: 15
lung: 9

Various cancers parotid gland acinic cell carcinoma

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Cancer vaccine is a vaccine to treat and prevent the development of cancer in high-risk patients with specific cancer or existing. Vaccines for the treatment of cancer currently known as therapeutic cancer vaccines. No vaccine not be able to prevent cancer in general. For example, some, virus, cancer specific cervical cancer, such as liver cancer, can be as well as prevent these cancers caused by vaccine virus traditional, such as hepatitis B vaccine and HPV vaccine. The anti-virus vaccine of these, I will explain in more detail in the remainder of this article. In other cancers, range caused by bacterial infection of some, and is a bacteria of cancer vaccine tradition, and is not described in this article. The scientists also, I will try to develop a vaccine against cancer existing. The immune system, when it fails to destroy them, to some researchers, to believe that cancer cells are generated on a daily basis, it’s destroyed by the immune system healthy, cancer formation are.

One approach to cancer vaccination is to be expected to stimulate an immune response can kill cancer cells, cancer cells, and to separate the proteins of immunological cancer patients against these proteins. Therapeutic cancer vaccines have been developed for the treatment of cancer and other breast, lung, colon, skin, kidney, and prostate cancer. In the case of (a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) Phase III follicular lymphoma, to 30.6 P control, investigators said BiovaxID long-term release of 44.2 MO at the meeting of June 2009 American Society of Clinical Oncology.

On April 14, 2009, in the Phase III clinical trial of Provenge, for the treatment of prostate cancer, cancer vaccine, Dendreon Corporation Co., Ltd. has announced that increasing the survival rate has been shown . Received U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer patients April 29 a (FDA) approval, the approval of 2010.The Provenge to stimulate interest in this type of treatment he. Another approach for therapeutic vaccination against cancer is to produce an immune response to the position of the patient using oncolytic viruses. This approach is used in versions of herpes simplex virus that is designed not only to replicate in tumor tissue drug talimogene laherparepvec, selectively, so as to express an immunostimulatory protein GM-CSF.

As a result, enhance the anti-tumor immune response release tumor antigens, to the virus after the dissolution of anti-tumor vaccine patient-specific, which provides a place. Temporary Phase 3 melanoma study results showed a significant tumor response as compared to GM-CSF alone. April 8, 2008, the company Antigenics is headquartered in New York, announced that it has received the approval of the treatment of the first cancer vaccine in Russia it. This is the first approval of the regulatory authorities of cancer immunotherapy. According to the results of the Phase III clinical trial, treatment, Oncophage, increased recurrence-free survival rate of less than a year. Approval was for the patient’s kidney cancer, some in the middle of the risk for the emergence of the disease. It is awaiting approval in the EU and the United States. But the new process for the FDA approval is required.

Cancer vaccine effective, must solve some problems. Unlike the self-protein, cancer vaccines aim to direct antigen tumor-specific. The selection of a suitable adjuvant, molecules that activate antigen-presenting cells to stimulate an immune response is required. Currently, squalene oil bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG), and aluminum salts – is approved worldwide for clinical use water emulsion. Vaccines also effective to prevent the recurrence of the tumor, should be sought in order to ensure the long-term memory. Some scientists believe that the acquired immune system complete tumor removal, and natural immunity that both are activated.