Uterus leiomyosarcoma

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Uterus leiomyosarcoma

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In addition, leiomyosarcoma is a cancer (G “smooth muscle tumor connective tissue”), malignant smooth muscle known as the LMS. (If the tumor is benign, it is leiomyoma). It is a relatively rare type leiomyosarcoma, cancer itself is between 5 to 10 percent of relatively low soft tissue sarcoma. You can not be predicted very leiomyosarcoma. They can remain dormant state for a long period of time, many years after repeated. It is resistant to cancer means that usually, it is not very sensitive to radiation therapy and chemotherapy. While to generate an involuntary that situ.Smooth muscle cells are disposed to most parts of the body to obtain the best results, a still small, surgically removed by a wide range of fields earlier it uterus that occurs when it is possible, the wall of the stomach and intestines skin, blood vessels and all. Therefore, it is possible to display anywhere within (including chest) leiomyosarcoma body are possible, it most in the retroperitoneal uterus, stomach, and small intestine.

Leiomyosarcoma of the uterus comes from the muscle layer of the uterus smooth muscle. Cutaneous leiomyosarcoma, chick skin – generated from muscle builder. The leiomyosarcoma of gastrointestinal, or by blood vessels, there is a possibility or come from the smooth muscle of the gastrointestinal tract. (Behind abdomen, intestinal), trunk, and in the abdominal retroperitoneal end, leiomyosarcoma is to grow muscle layer of blood vessels (medial) to most places in the other. So, where the blood vessels in the body leiomyosarcoma, may be the major site of origin. Grossly, the tumor mark microscope by coagulation necrosis of tumor cells usually, rich polymorphism is a mild bleeding, (power sector 15-30 10) and abnormal mitotic figures.

Surgery, is possible removal of the margin of the maximum possible, but it is a method generally preferred most effective attack LMS. If surgical margin is narrow and it is not clear to the tumor, however, in some situations that are left behind, giving a clear survival benefit has been shown to radiation or chemotherapy to tumor cells. While there are likely to be resistant to chemotherapy and radiation, each event is different, LMS, can result is greatly changed. LMS uterus origin often do, but do not respond to hormone therapy at all times. Should be discussed with your doctor (S) always, to some supplements, may interfere with the treatment, such as chemotherapy (such as over-the-counter supplements, for example) how to add. In the oral tablet formulation called methotrexate therapy Independently, one embodiment of an adjuvant drug, shows, positive results, including a longer period of non-occurrence. When it is used in combination with the core after radiotherapy or chemotherapy, or in, many experts have provided promising results. I belong to the group of cancer called leiomyosarcoma, and soft tissue sarcoma. Or cancer, the development of the support, sarcoma is the connective tissue of the body, such as cartilage muscle, fat, nerves, blood vessels, and bone. Soft tissue sarcoma is rare. 1 (1%) of the approximately 100 in all cancers are sarcomas of soft tissue. Most people with leiomyosarcoma is 50 years of age or older.

It is one of the most common types of development leiomyosarcoma, sarcoma in adults. They will start the cell types of muscle called smooth muscle. Smooth muscle is an involuntary muscle that you will not be able to control us. These are located as well as the walls of the blood vessels throughout the body, on the wall of the organ of muscle, such as the heart and stomach. This means that you can leiomyosarcoma start anywhere on the body. Common location is the digestive system wall of the uterus (womb), and limb – especially stomach.

Research is in progress to try to find out more about them as possible exact cause of leiomyosarcoma, and is unknown. Very rarely, soft tissue sarcoma may not occur in an area that has been treated with radiation therapy for other cancers. Usually, sarcoma does not occur until about 10 years after radiotherapy. Exposure to certain chemicals, can increase the risk of developing some sarcomas. Chemical, includes dioxins and (weedkillers) (used in the manufacture of plastic) vinyl chloride, a particular herbicide.