Uterus invasive squamous cell carcinoma

Product name Uterus invasive squamous cell carcinoma
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Uterus invasive squamous cell carcinoma

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Invasive cervical squamous cell carcinoma, is defined separately best:
Neuroendocrine: interaction with the hormone endocrine and nervous system, or is related to be involved. Malignant tumor of invasive cancer of epithelial tissue that tends to metastasize to other parts of the body. Neuroendocrine cancer can affect various parts of the body. In the neck, is rare for cervical cancer, but it is the form very aggressive. In the initial stage, asymptomatic neuroendocrine cancer (or show signs of disease or other illness, not producing). In more advanced stages, symptoms of neuroendocrine carcinoma of the cervix include: pain in back and legs urination with bleeding from abnormal vagina, increase of textile, pelvic pain, pain, sex, fatigue, swollen pain in between. You may outstanding, death and transition occurs when you left.

Small cell carcinoma of the cervix (SCC) is a member of better mixing cervical cancer and squamous cell carcinoma component form of cancer or (ADC), a non-SCC, a group of neuroendocrine often. SCC is an aggressive tumor that spreads rapidly in the beginning of the day, which leads to minimal chance of survival of patients with clinical course fatal. For less than 3% of cervical cancer of all, this is similar to the account and small cell lung cancer. As small-cell lung cancer and play an important role in the spread of cancer in the lymph nodes body. The SCC, beginning in the womb neck, diagnosis is very difficult. The involvement of lymph nodes, and mortally end, it can be spread out on the pelvic organs other.

Proliferation of lymph node metastasis, and thereby, systemic metastasis is much higher is required for the SCC is a more complex procedure than the SCC-SCC others. Is considered by the (ajronline.org) “, because patients with this disease and importance, of the natural history of small cell carcinoma of the cervix, that there is a systemic disease it, therapeutic strategies for this disorder, I is different from that of other cancers. ” According to reports (such as Yang, 2003) to, radiation therapy and pelvic multi-agent chemotherapy (radical hysterectomy), better results for patients with those obtained before surgery followed by chemotherapy after surgery was. Unfortunately, Pap smear is sufficient for the diagnosis of SCC alone, is sometimes misdiagnosed as No. 3 SCC on the basis of the results of the Pap test alone patients. It MRI that is required for proper diagnosis imaging studies is the highest level for imaging assessment of cervical cancer has been suggested. Routine, that is the main problem of accurate early diagnosis of SCC is a limitation of the dirt.

Is very rare, large cell carcinoma small cell carcinoma, such as this, such as (SCC) (LCC) is about 5% of the cervical cancer of all. Diagnose the sub-mucosa of the location of the tumor cause in the early stages of the LCC, it is difficult and very aggressive in order to reduce the mucosa intact. As with SCC, LCC is asymptomatic cases early. In a later stage, presenting irregular bleeding, pelvic pain and vaginal spotting, and discharge. Basis for the treatment of tumors is obtained by LCC therapy, when used for SCC, was diagnosed, multimodal therapy should be considered as SCC. Cervical cancer, there is a possibility that cough discharge and / or vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, leg swelling feet and back pain (edema), chronic symptoms of weight loss occurs again. This can be repeated on the liver vagina, pelvic lymph nodes, or lung. If it is not specified above, if. Radiation therapy can be treated with chemotherapy and external beam radiotherapy with interstitial radiation therapy or intraluminal recurrence and is limited to the pelvis already provided, “radiation, only options, after. became about 50% “. year survival pelvic exenteration rectum and creating artificial bladder and bladder and / or removal uterus, vagina, pelvic exenteration is (Womenscancercenter.com) chemotherapy that you delete or surgical women with metastatic disease is useful for women with recurrent tumor can not.

Sensitive and reproductive organs sex female hormone basic uterus and uterus of most mammals, including humans. One end of the uterus mouth depending on the other species in the vagina, and is connected to the oviduct or both. This is usually in the marsupials, such as kangaroos and opossums such, we developed a placental mammal fully and partially people, some in the uterus that develops during pregnancy the fetus. The uterus of the two, depending on the species and typical, may be fused to the uterus partially or completely female fetus, the first in placental mammals. In many species with two uterus, one but it is working. You can not uterus is completely melted in some individuals, but in the higher primates other, such as chimpanzees and humans, horses and, usually, you have a uterus that fused completely. In English, the term uterus is used consistently within the medical and related occupations, long-term uterus of Germany is received is more common in everyday use.

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