Uterine cervix adenocarcinoma MD

Product name Uterine cervix adenocarcinoma MD
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Uterine cervix adenocarcinoma MD

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Under the uterus, which is joined to the upper end of the vagina (cervix Latin word that means “neck of the uterus” is,) is a small part it cervix. It is the end of the cylindrical or conical from the top of the anterior vaginal wall. Approximately half of its length, is displayed with an appropriate medical device, to lie above another vagina after inspection. Neck has an opening to move the inside, to allow menstrual fluid and sperm. Is a water-cervical mucus, and 90%. Depending on the moisture content changes during the menstrual cycle of mucus acts as a transmission medium or barrier of sperm. (Calcium, sodium, potassium), for example, cervical mucus, which contains an organic compound as glucose, amino acids, and soluble protein electrolyte.

The cervical mucus, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, selenium, and trace elements, including the level of change in response to changes in the cyclic hormone in different stages of the menstrual cycle is included. different enzymes have been identified in human cervical mucus. Glycerol is a natural component of human cervical mucus. The study, the amount of glycerol 頸流 uterine body has been shown to increase during sexual excitement. It is estimated to be responsible for the lubricating properties of the fertile cervical mucus, increased glycerol, may be biologically important during the early stages of reproductive events.

After the menstrual period is completed, OS external thick, is cut off by the acidic mucus. After you enter the uterus, sperm mucus block “infertility” this. Within a few days, the ovulation time, production is “fertile” mucus species, they Yu high content of acidic electrolyte and less moisture content high. The electrolyte These cause a pattern of “fern” seen in drying fluid at low magnification fluid such as drying, as fern leaf, salt, crystallizes. The several methods of fertility awareness, such as Billings and law Clayton model, to evaluate the period of female infertility and infertility treatment by observing the changes in your body contains. There are involved in a number of quality of cervical mucus, in these changes, vulva, its elasticity (spinnbarkeit) causes the transparency, the presence or absence of a fern-like crystals formed his senses.

In order to prevent the kind of fertile mucus because it is produced, and a method of hormonal contraception work, their effectiveness is increased by preventing ovulation, mainly almost. Meanwhile, a method for thinning of mucus, can help you achieve pregnancy. It is that the method takes guaifenesin in a few days before ovulation, but one, was suggested. During pregnancy, it is possible to prevent infection during the infertility part of the menstrual cycle, the situation was somewhat similar, the cervix has been blocked by antibacterial mucosal plug specific. Or expand the cervix during childbirth, just before outside mucus plug.

Lymphatic drainage of the cervix is ​​one of the nodes of the sacrum and the closure of Cardinal link, external iliac vein, and the internal iliac vein to parametralna and uterine artery. From pelvic lymph nodes of these, drainage, proceed to para-aortic lymph node thereafter. In some women, direct, and lymph drainage to the node of the aorta. In the anatomy of vertebrates, in front of the spine, throat (Ratenguru) is the front of the neck. It is composed of the larynx and pharynx. In the epiglottis, the separation valve trachea and esophagus, an important feature of the throat can be used to prevent aspiration of food and beverage. Throat contains various blood vessels, various pharyngeal muscle, the esophagus and trachea. Clavicle bone and tongue only, are located in the neck of mammals.

You see as a synonym for Bali once in a while. It is under the neck on top of the chest of more than just Jugulum. This term is reflected in the internal jugular vein and external to pass through this area. Exit the Wolff duct bladder urethra part of the urogenital sinus, which is absorbed, connect both ends of the renal diverticula, they give rise to a triangle of the bladder and urethra of the prostate. The rest of the bladder urethra part to form the body of the prostatic urethra and bladder, urachal remains is the middle umbilical ligament decisively tip, it will be expanded to navel as a narrow channel that is later removed.