Tonsil, normal

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Tonsil, normal

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Amygdala is a collection of lymphoid tissue. This term refers particularly to the palatine tonsil is a mass of lymph material located on both sides of the back of the throat of the man most commonly. Pharyngeal tonsils and tonsil of Palatine is a lymphoid tissue near the throat and pharynx. These fabrics, is a row of protective immunity first of the immune system against pathogens of inhalation or ingestion foreign. However, the role of the primary immunization of tonsils, it is to be understood yet.

Tonsillitis is a disease (pain and swelling) in tonsil inflammation. The most common way to treat it is an anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen or when bacterial such, and antibiotics. Many patients dealing with tonsil removal of them at the tonsillectomy surgically. Collection of lymphoid tissue known as Waldeyer tonsillar ring including adenoid tonsil, two ectopic tonsils, two palatine tonsil, the tongue tonsils. The tonsils, tend to reach a maximum size of their adolescent close, they pass atrophy after gradually. However, they are the largest in terms of diameter of the throat in young children.

You can be, you can remove tonsils in the tonsils surgically and inflammation (adenotonsillar hyperplasia) and (tonsillitis) larger. If it interferes in patients with recurrent tonsillitis or frequently affect the absorption or the airway, can be observed this it. However, when tonsillar hypertrophy described, the mechanism of the pathogenesis of other subtypes of these two, it is possible to have different responses to the efforts of the same treatment. In elderly patients, may be an indicator of tumor or virus infection tonsils, such as lymphoma and squamous cell carcinoma asymmetric tonsils (also known as tonsillar hypertrophy of asymmetry), and the like. The hypertrophy of the tonsils, can be given the inability of sound velofaringealno and hypernasal, can affect the speech it. The size of the tonsils, can have a significant impact on upper airway obstruction in children with obesity compared to those of average weight.

One on each side, tonsils, is a small gland in the neck. They exist to help you fight bacteria when you’re a child. After the age of about three years, become less important in the fight against bacteria tonsils, usually reduced. Your body can fight bacteria without them still. They only take them if we are doing more harm than good. If we sore throat recurrence occurred despite treatment with antibiotics, they will take only tonsils. If they are large, to block the airway, the main reason for the other to remove the tonsils. Sometimes, small children, have a large tonsils so that they shut off the breathing at night. Parallel development in tonsil abscess, the result of infection of the tonsils, angina is the most unpleasant. People who have angina, choose to have a tonsillectomy to prevent another so often. If tonsils tumor is suspected, you are removed. If the increase tonsil tumor is expressed rapidly in size and bleeding ulcer and tonsils. Tumors of the tonsil is rare.

It is not necessary to remove the tonsils. You may want to check to see whether the it is only that the problem of the tonsils, you’d been waiting for. You need a doctor to explain why he or she feel that surgery is the best treatment he or she. By you can change your mind to work at any time, and to sign the consent form, it does not mean that there is a need to undergo surgery. If you would like, you can ask a specialist for a second opinion on the treatment. She will not bother to place it for you or him. You may have to arrange a second opinion to another specialist, you want to ask your own GP.

Tonsil surgery is very safe, all operations, has a small risk. The most serious problem is bleeding. This may require a second operation to stop it. This would have to be returned to the hospital of bleeding because there are two of Evert 100 children have their tonsils, and one of them will require a second operation. Such as, are you must tonsils of many of them is returned to the hospital because of bleeding, but only adults will require a second operation in the hundred. Of the 100 adults, during the operation of five, in particular, there is little chance that the tooth is chipped, there is a knock-out possible if we are crowned it or bukkake or are loose. You please let us know if you have any teeth of any such.