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Or simply thyroid anatomy of the spinal cord, thyroid is one of the largest endocrine glands. The thyroid gland in the neck, it is under the (is “Adam’s apple” or laryngeal prominence) thyroid cartilage. To create a protein that controls how quickly the body will use the energy, thyroid gland, which controls the sensitivity of the body to other hormones. Sometimes (T4) it – by producing thyroid hormone that can tetraiodo, the main thing that thyroxine (T3) and triiodothyronine, has participated in these processes. These hormones regulate the function of the body system and many other growth rate. T3 and T4 are synthesized from tyrosine and iodine. The thyroid gland, I generate a calcitonin, which plays a role in calcium homeostasis. The output from the thyroid hormone is regulated thyroid stimulating hormone obtained from the anterior pituitary to be regulated thyrotropin-releasing hormone produced by the hypothalamus then by (TRH), by (TSH),.

This is the organ in the form of a butterfly, the thyroid gland, are configured at the cone-like two wings and leaves, leaf Dexter (right leaf) ominous leaf (left lobe), in the isthmus. Reached behind the carotid sheath and esophagus, the body is located front side of the door, around the trachea and larynx and the other side. In (under the “Adam’s apple” or laryngeal prominence just) Oblique line of thyroid cartilage, starting from the head side, which extends down to about 5-6 tracheal ring. During the act of swallowing, it varies with respect to the position, that define the upper and lower bounds of the thyroid levels of vertebrae is difficult.

Thin fibrous sheath comprising an outer layer and an inner, thyroid, is covered by the capsule thyroid gland. The outer layer is continuous with the posteriorolaterally consecutive priority pretracheal fascia and carotid sheath. The priority and infrahyoid muscles, glands, is covered in sternocleidomastoid and known as sternomastoid muscle to a horizontal direction. Backside of the gland, cricopharyngeal muscle and tracheal cartilage and cricoid by thickening of the fascia in order to ensure Berry.The thyroid trachea is the main reason for moving with swallowing, to form a rear suspension ligaments Company They are fixed to. To varying degrees, extended pyramid pyramid Lalouette, thyroid lobes are arranged in front of the robe. In this region, the inferior thyroid artery and recurrent laryngeal nerve passes to tuberculosis and ligaments and next.
Between two layers of capsules, on the back side of the sheet, two on each side of the parathyroid gland, but it is.

It is possible to change the size or shape, size and presence is variable, thyroid isthmus is able to extend extend the residual (rgosezziz cone or leaf cone) head side pyramid leaves, thyroglossal duct . Weighing 2-3 g 18-60 g and newborn to adult, is one of the largest endocrine glands, thyroid gland increases during pregnancy. Thyroid branches directly from the subclavian artery, from the branches of low thyroid thyroid branch carotid superior thyroid artery, and the external carotid artery, arterial blood comes by thyroid artery IMA sometimes. Drainage to really bad thyroid venous drainage through the thyroideus odd divided into left brachiocephalic vein, the internal jugular vein, venous blood is discharged by way of the thyroid vein. Cervical lymph node deep side frequently and lymphatic drainage passes the pre-parathracheal lymph nodes. Gland is supplied by the recurrent laryngeal nerve and the laryngeal nerve parasympathetic input on.

[Clarification needed] to the fetus, 3-4 weeks pregnancy, thyroid, like the floor of the pharynx at the base of the tongue between the tongue of tuberculosis copula and ODD at a later point in time than the opening cecum specified displays the growth of epithelium. The thyroid gland down in front of the pharyngeal gut as a bilobed diverticulum through the thyroglossal duct then. Over the next few weeks, passing in front of the hyoid bone, it migrated to the base of the neck. During migration, the thyroid remains connected to the tongue by a narrow channel thyroglossal duct.

(TSH) began to separate from the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland in the fetus 18-20 weeks of gestation thyrotropin-releasing hormone and thyroid stimulating hormone (TRH), the production of thyroxine levels clinically significant (T4) in the 18-20 week I reach. Remains low 30 weeks (less than 15 ng of / dL) pregnancy fetal triiodothyronine is (T3), the term was increased to 50 ng / DL. Self-sufficiency rate of fetal thyroid hormone, to protect the fetus against for example. Developmental abnormalities of the brain caused by maternal hypothyroidism. However, premature birth can be insufficient after delivery, subject to nerve damage due to lack of thyroid hormone in the maternal thyroid its own cause that has been developed to meet their needs. Some thyroid comprising serving cell parafollicular C was prepared from the neural crest production of calcitonin. I have seen this is the ultimobranchial body, applied to the primitive thyroid during descent to the final position in front of the neck first. You can aberration in embryological development can lead to various forms of thyroid dysgenesis