Thyroid follicular carcinoma minimally invasive

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Thyroid follicular carcinoma minimally invasive

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Cells of the thyroid gland, which is responsible (and is referred to as the basic cell and follicular cells) secretion and production of thyroid hormone, thyroxine and (T4) triiodothyronine thyroid epithelial cells is a (T3). The synthesis of thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin of amino acids and amino acids take iodine to the ground from the side of blood flow, thyroid epithelial cells release those of follicular thyroid and iodine. Then, the extracted and protease, then, thyroid epithelial cells, might Yodochiro from thyroid hormone release of follicular endocytosis the thyroid hormone in the blood.

Body that controls the metabolism them, thyroid hormone, these are transported in (which is the conversion of calories and energy oxygen). Each cell in the body is dependent on thyroid hormone for the regulation of metabolism. Normal thyroid and T4, T3 of about 20%, producing about 80% of the powerful four times T3 to the T4. They are simple cubic epithelium, and are arranged in spherical colloidal around the hair follicles. Inside of one of these is known as follicle follicular lumen. Response to thyroid stimulating hormone, they of that on the surface, thyroid stimulating hormone receptor,. The origin of embryology is (open the cecum) average endoderm mass in the region of the tongue than the (C) cell parafollicular resulting from the four gills bag. Thyroid cancer is a tumor or tumor of the thyroid gland. As adenomas, it may be malignant tumors, such as anaplastic thyroid carcinoma papillary, follicular, medullary or and such (thyroid cancer), or may be a benign tumors of the thyroid gland. Most patients, 25 to 65 years of age when they are first diagnosed, women are affected than men. In the United States, the estimated number of new cases of thyroid cancer was 44 670 compared to 1690 people died in 2010. Of all thyroid nodules found is 3% of those about 5% reaches the bottom dead center and cancer.

First step in diagnosing the thyroid tumor is a physical examination of the neck. If a problem exists, please consult the doctor. Your doctor is, may order blood tests, ultrasound, diagnostic nuclear scan procedure. Results of these tests are read by the endocrine to determine what thyroid problems there. The hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, in many cases, there are two conditions that result from abnormalities of thyroid function. The thyroid gland, and to generate a thyroid hormone too little or too much, respectively, these will occur. Thyroid nodule is a major presentation of tumor of the thyroid gland, and is diagnosed by (histological examination and subsequent surgical resection) frequently thyroid ultrasound or needle aspiration (USG / FNA). FNA is a method and accurate, the most cost-effective for obtaining a biopsy sample. It can take iodine, such as thyroid cancer, typically, TSH suppression of thyroxine high-dose therapy followed, radioactive iodine has been used for the treatment of thyroid cancer. The node as found in less than 20 years of, they are particularly important. Presentation of benign nodules so hateful in this age, the possibility of malignancy is much greater.

Thyroid cancer is anaplastic thyroid cancer papillary, follicular, medullary or mainly. Most patients, 25 to 65 years of age when they are first diagnosed, women are affected than men. About 80% of thyroid cancer is 15 percent of the follicle and papilla, it is possible to grow slowly both to heal if caught early. Medullary thyroid cancer accounts for about 3% of this type of cancer. It is possible to gradually grow and controlled if detected early. Undifferentiated is the most deadly, I account for about 2%. That it grows rapidly and control is difficult in this species. Check a sample of cells under a microscope, the classification is determined by the type of thyroid cells are available. Thyroid malignant lymphoma of the other, include a rare tumor and other types of squamous cell carcinoma thyroid tumor sarcoma a variety of smooth muscle, teratoma, thyroid.

Treatment of thyroid nodules depends on many things, including the size of the nodule, the patient’s age, type of cancer of the thyroid, whether it has spread to other tissues in the body. If the node is benign, may receive treatment to inhibit thyroid stimulating hormone, thyroxine, must be reviewed every six months the patient. If inhibition of life, which is a normal function, in patients with benign node or talking, swallowing, such as breathing, thyroid, may need to be removed.┬áSometimes, was removed in an effort to avoid the cause of hypothyroidism only a part of the thyroid gland. It is not possible organization of the rest of the thyroid gland to produce hormones enough in the long term, but the risk of hypothyroidism, still present. Node is not defined, or if it has a malignant cytological characteristics and may require surgery.

If not properly made, the average risk surgery thyroid which can cause complications. Problem of muscle damage voice, nerves and the possibility of bleeding from the blood vessels, or ruptured to occur is rare, but is a serious complication. After removal of the thyroid gland, the patient should be provided lifetime hormone replacement. This is an oral medication prescribed by a common endocrine them. For the treatment of thyroid cancer, or radioactive iodine 131 is used for papillary thyroid follicular cancer patients and removal of residual thyroid tissue after surgery. There is no benefit from this treatment patients with Hurthle cell cancer most medullary carcinoma, and undifferentiated. When cancer is inoperable when pain relief bone metastases, or reproduced resection, it is possible to use an external beam radiation.