Stomach antrum

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Stomach antrum

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The cardia of the anatomical term of adhesion stomach, in the esophagus. Starting from the distal to the Z-line of the gastroesophageal junction as squamous epithelium of the esophagus in order to give way to the columnar epithelium of the digestive tract immediately cardia. (GE) junction is ambiguous anatomically close to the cardia of the stomach, but it is proven physiological lower esophageal sphincter. Called the lower esophageal sphincter overlap cardia, no cardiac lower esophageal sphincter does not include area. Topic, but tried to consensus of the members of the current is in the cardia of the stomach before. Overlap with the cardia, but does not include (also called esophageal sphincter sphincter, stomach and esophageal sphincter [5] heart) is the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), for example. In contrast and it is configured in the control striated muscles innervated by the body Accordingly, “upper esophagus sphincter” contained in the hypopharynx, and (extending from the base of the tongue zone cricoid cartilage). By being in the LES, Z lines, can be identified from the color of the Z-line of dark red from pink to change the LES. However, mirror localization endoscopic (Z line) was found to be 3 cm distal to the Z-line position of functional LES investigation and correlation internal pressure of LES.

And prioritization epitympanic middle ear cavity, the cone part of the temporal bone through the aditus to communicate (tympanic cavity mastoideum, cavity Valsalva) is back to the cells of the mastoid cavity in milk (milk input cavity) mastoid cavity the airspace. Air these spaces will provide the voice of resonance, functions as a sound receptor, functions as a sound diffusion, to provide protection from mechanical damage and reduce the weight of the skull. Mastoid air cell system, has contributed significantly to the inflammatory disease of the middle ear.

(Cavity, a small cul-de-sac) pyloric cavity is the first part of the pyloric region of the stomach. It lies at the bottom of the stomach near the pyloric sphincter to separate the stomach and duodenum. Exclusion from the rest of the stomach during digestion of about muscle Batch peristaltic contraction prepyloric fully or partially temporarily, this is the second of the pylorus stomach (pyloric passage) through the channel of some it You may from part, it is sometimes, it is defined.

Stomach produces strong acid and (hydrochloric acid) enzymes (such as pepsin) to help digestion. The digestion mixture are called gastric juice. Rather than the influence of the stomach itself, the inner lining of the stomach has several mechanisms to resist the lining of the esophagus. Normally, the esophagus are protected from these acids and the junction with the one-way valve mechanism stomach. The one-way valve, called (ES) esophageal sphincter, which is prevented gastric formed together from flowing back into the esophagus herein the angle of Cu. During peristalsis, ES bolus of food to be able to pass through the stomach. I will prevent to be returned mixture of digestive enzymes chyme, bolus, stomach acid and, through the esophagus it. It is assisted in its task of maintaining the material flow in one direction of the diaphragm to the ES. In ES, is the anatomy sphincter function but sphincter. Means that the thickening of the smooth muscle does not exist at all as pyloric sphincter such This is prevented travelleling back from gastric chyme the esophagus (usually). It helps to lower the CRU, to the diaphragm, the action of this sphincter.