Seminal vesicle

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Seminal vesicle

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Seminal vesicle small seminal vesicles (or gland vesiculosae) is a pair of simple tubular glands posteroinferior to the bladder of male mammals. They are located in the pelvis. The seminal vesicles, devote a large part of the fluid to be semen in the end. In lipofuscin granule secretion of epithelial cells dead, I get the color that the yellowish. It is not excluded in the fraction of the first zinc-rich prostate% of human semen derived from about 50-70 seminal vesicles is, and ejaculation, is dominated by the sperm. Once in the prostate, excretion tube of each seminal gland to open it in the appropriate vas deferens it. As a result of human sperm with a pH of weak alkalinity, semen is alkaline.

Alkalinity of semen helps to extend the life of the sperm, and to neutralize the acidity of the vaginal canal. I will be able to connect to the ejaculatory duct obstruction (pH <7.2) ejaculation acid solution. It generates a substance that causes the semen to become after ejaculation gelatinous / sticky, which is considered to be useful in maintaining close of sperm into the uterus to cells. Thick mucus seminal vesicles contain proteins, enzymes, fructose, mucus, ascorbic acid, flavin, a prostaglandin and phosphorylcholine. High concentration of fructose, which provides sperm of sustained energy during storage of sperm in the laboratory. It does not have to be likely to have contact with the semen vesicles screaming sperm in the vagina, but as the first step of their journey, they are transferred directly from the mucus of prostatic fluid through the female reproductive system. Liquid has been expelled the sympathetic contraction of the muscle layer.

Research in in vitro, that the sperm off pigs and fish eggs showed survival and motility poor and has been shown, it is protected low sperm chromatin. Therefore, the exact physiological significance of semen blisters unknown. If you want to form a low offset sperm plug the possibility of semen of men after arrival go to egg the last part of the semen, to guess as is the development of this recreation, yet, found in rodents some be

Covered with epithelium involved in the absorption and excretion (mucosa only mucosa or lining) or mucous membranes, it is lining, and endoderm origin mainly. They line the cavity is exposed to the external environment and internal organs. These are some places in contact with the skin: anal nose, mouth, lips, eyelids, ears, and genital area. The viscous secreted by glands called slime and mucous membranes, thick fluid. Term mucous membrane refers to where you are present in the fluid they were lining separation and body.

Clitoris hooded glans clitoris glans penis (penis head), is a mucous membrane and the inside of the foreskin. Is from the lining of the urethra. Preventing pathogens mucus trap body that is secreted, further act of the disease. It consists of longitudinal muscle layer of the inner and outer circular muscle layer in the layer outside. To prevent food from backward, longitudinal layer will reduce the tube of circular muscle layer. Rather than a layer of circular and longitudinal muscle true, layer, is stranded in a variety of fields. The inner circle is a spiral and outer longitudinal spiral and rugged terrain shallow pitch much.

Coordinated contraction of these layers, are called peristalsis move food through the digestive tract. Food in the gastrointestinal tract is referred to as (ball of food) bolus of the mouth into the stomach. After the stomach, was partially digested food, it is called chyme and viscosity. Colon semi-solid remaining is called feces.

It is Auerbach’s plexus or myenteric between two layers of muscle. This control peristalsis. Activity is initiated by pacemaker cells (interstitial cells of Cajal). Movement will have a (basic rate) intrinsic activity due to self-intestinal system. Rate, of course, can be modulated by other parts of the autonomic nervous system. Thickness of the muscle in the outdoors, differ in any part of the digestive tract. It requires a lot of power to feces is large, heavy, and press together, in the colon, for example, external muscles much thicker. The tapered vertical strips unrelated three outer longitudinal layer of the large intestine is known as (band of colon) plural form of F. taenia. This is one of the characteristics of three to help to distinguish between large and small intestine.

Weight loss segment of colon (2-3 times daily) You have to move all the way to the feces occasionally. If a person bowel movement remains, which is usually. Pyloric sphincter: pylorus of the stomach, is a thickening of the inner peripheral layer. In the gastrointestinal tract alone, and has an outer third layer of the stomach muscle layer. It is a layer of internal, this will help tilt the drum to the chyme in the stomach.