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The (meaning straight intestine from Latin rectum) rectum, in mammals, are linear and the last part of the colon in the gut of the other. Long about 12 centimeters (4.7 inches), (S-shaped end of the colon) rectum S-shaped junction, rectum of human begins at the level of the sacral promontory, sacral, by using the definition of third. Its diameter is the same as the S-shaped colon at the start, it has expanded to its end, to form the rectal ampoule. Depending on the definition that is used again, it ends at the level of the dentate line (or at the level of the puborectalis sling) anal ring. In humans, the anal canal is followed in front of the digestive tract rectum ends with anal verge.

The rectal intestinal act as a site for storing temporarily feces. It is placed in the rectum wall to stimulate the urge to have a bowel movement As the expansion for the material, so as to extend from receptors in the nervous system, rectal wall is full of inside. If it is not that desire to take action on the material in the rectum, in many cases, water is absorbed from the feces, to return to the large intestine. Constipation for a long time, defecation, if you delay the curing shit result. When the rectum is met, it is possible that the feces to increase the pressure to enter the groove, to force the rectal wall of the anal canal each other. Rectum force the anal canal is short as material, has been driving the feces from the rectum peristaltic wave. Sphincter of internal and external can be passed by muscles pulling the stool anus feces exit.

It is possible for the diagnosis of a particular disease, to perform a rectal examination. Suppositories may be used as a method of administering a drug, is inserted into the rectum. Endoscopes and colonoscopy S-shaped colonoscopy procedure is carried out for the diagnosis of diseases such as cancer. Insert rectal irritation fingers, was used to induce motion in a patient is sufficient to completely empty the peristaltic reflex rectal own rectum. Manual evacuation in the long-term management of neurogenic bowel seen most often in people who are using a gloved finger to evacuate the feces from the rectum, with multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury and acute constipation It is used mainly.

(From the anus of the Latin word meaning is from, that proto Indian means “ring” “ring, anus” a) open the other end of the digestive tract of the mouth of the animal anus. Its function is, by desirably produced semi-solid, and controls the release of feces during digestion, and may contain, depending on the species: Inability to digest animal such as bone and nutrients to all food substances are extracted, for example, cellulose, lignin, it remains in the digestive tract, killed, or absorption problems that the toxic symbiotic otherwise intestine and more.

I use a mating and oviposition and (known as the cloaca) hole for separating the same solid waste and liquid amphibians, reptiles, and birds. I have a cloaca, which is considered Monotremates mammals also inherited functionality from amnion of therapsids via oldest. For separating solid and liquid, and marsupials, has an opening in the vagina particular for female reproductive. There is a hole that defecation, urination, completely independent for playback placental mammals women, channel flowing to the orifice has been almost completely separated, but the bowel movements of both the play and urination, men, another I have an opening.

Development of the anus was an important stage in the evolution of multicellular animals. It is likely that you followed a different path in the old and new mouth mouth animal, it would happen at least twice. Metamerism expertise is repeated later as head of the arthropod body of most bilateral body plan, and the body cavity, such as configured in fusion is built “module”,,, professionally: this is, promote or segment with the trend of significant evolution of the other.

In animals, the Haraguchi to deepen to become the first growth stage gastrulation, intestinal least, on the one hand, such as a complex, such as a worm embryos to form a recess. The new animal mouth, bowel tunnel option to be the anus for the opening of another in the mouth the initial dent. Because it was thought to be formed in the opening from the other end of the bowel later the anus and (“first” proto means) High hollow opening their first, it is called as the old mouth animal was. However, recent studies have shown that closed leaving an opening at their ends in the anus or mouth, an end portion of the center pilot opening old animals.