Rectum adenocarcinoma WD

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Rectum adenocarcinoma WD

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Cancer is the medical term for the most common types of cancer occurring in humans. To put it simply, the cancer is a cancer start in tissue that arise from cells of ectodermal and mesodermal origin embryonic mesoderm to the general, the surface of the inside or outside of the body line. In particular, were obtained from the epithelial cells to be estimated changed or damaged to the extent that such cells are transformed in their genome cancer tumor tissues, and began to show the characteristics of the abnormal malignant.

Long-term cancer refers to placing a small and localized prostate cancer that do not penetrate the epithelial membrane at the boundary of the cancer cells from normal cells adjacent still. Rather than invasive cancer in advance, CIS is a pre-malignant human. Until it begins to penetrate and infiltrate through the structure of adjacent / or other basement membrane with them, in the case of almost all of the CIS, we will continue to grow and develop. After the invasion happened, they do not think the CIS lesions longer, but it is invasive cancer really. Before and metastasis frank invasion will develop, it is not possible for you to be removed in the target treatment other areas of some damage surgical resection completely, cryotherapy, or laser ablation,, cure rate CIS 100% I approaches. In some cases, as it may histological characteristics and cytological appear more normal again assumed system lesions gradually, it is a low-grade tumor. Biologically, this can lead a less often aggressive, to slow tumor growth. In fact, the emergence of local tissue architecture and components of the Local Site CIS may be normalized to a point that does not meet the required consensus requirements to be classified as a cancer longer transformed cells eventually. Therefore, this anomaly is not allowed as a true cancer. The change of these, decrease the normal area, and I’m with the volume of place or abnormal /. The number that can not be ignored or some cases, the abnormal cells / tissue, may disappear the region obtained including the organization that looks normal only in full.

In many cases, the process is referred to by the pathologist as regression and specialist of the CIS lesion. Without connective tissue, associated, which is formed as a result of fibrosis apoptosis and necrosis often effective, involution CIS is gradual transformation of malignant tumor benign localized region of tissue near-normal or normal I bring. Regression occurs after prolonged exposure to changes in the strength and quality of immunological stimulation and environment most often and / or. In the example a very common, it is a regression of the disease of the CIS some located in the segmental bronchi and the main center of the lung. Invasive lesions of many conventional in the case of squamous cell carcinoma, reduced regression to the following long-term exposure of cells and tissues affected by the stimulation of the initial environmental carcinogen with what you see in abstinence after a long period of time from smoking like this often. A common example of a relatively different, causing regression of cervical CIS lesions, it is end is driven immunologically of human papillomavirus HPV by epithelial cells that have been converted of the cervix.

The (meaning straight intestine from Latin rectum) rectum, in mammals, are linear and the last part of the colon in the gut of the other. Human rectum is about 12 cm, starting at the level of the sacral promontory, and sacral third according to the definition (the end of the S-shaped colon) colorectal S-shaped junction is used. Its diameter is the same as the S-shaped colon at the start, it has expanded to its end, to form the rectal ampoule. Depending on the definition that is used again, it ends at the level of the dentate line (or at the level of the puborectalis sling) anal ring. In humans, the anal canal is followed in front of the digestive tract rectum ends with anal verge.

There are a number of rare subtypes undifferentiated, of undifferentiated carcinoma. (Including elongated cells similar to cancer of the connective tissue), a (huge, strange giant cell carcinoma spindle cell carcinoma: a lesion pseudo sarcoma component is included is included in some of the well-known including the polynuclear cells), and cell carcinoma huge (mixed spindle sarcomatoid carcinoma). Includes a cellular component and a huge spindle cell and / or polymorphism cancer is at least 10% of the component characteristic of a wide variety of cells (eg, squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma or /) of the species. In rare cases, tumors are facing cancer and sarcoma truth including sarcoma of the pulmonary blastoma that may not contain a component, similar.

In a logical way in order to obtain information about the degree of invasion and metastasis size and physical / clinical examination, cells and tissues, surgical technique, tumor staging of cancer, pathological of imaging studies and clinical examination I refers to the process of combining the inspection. Cancer, usually placed Roman numeral. Tumors smaller stage II cancer and I the classification stage, most were confirmed when and that is spread only in local structure and / or has been found. While it has spread in the body structure usually, lymph nodes, and / or tissue have been found, III stage cancer metastatic disease in the blood to the organs of tumor stage IV, distant sites, or organization.