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The Prostate is┬áliterally quite different among species anatomically, this is of most mammals It is a compound tubuloalveolar exocrine gland of the reproductive system of male, himself has been renamed the female prostate by the Federal International Commission on official autopsy term between the Skene’s gland or physiological 2002 female urethra near gland, and chemical.

It is said to be slightly larger than a walnut healthy human prostate classic. In the range of 7-16 g generally, average weight of the prostate “normal” in the adult male is about 11 ounces. It can surrounds the urethra below the bladder, just feel rectal examination. This is the only exocrine organ located in the midline in humans and other animals. Secretory epithelium is mainly pseudostratified cells, including basal cell and column, high is supported between the quality of elastic fibers, including the smooth muscle bundle orientation at random. Epithelium is highly variable, areas of squamous epithelium or low-cubic is present also, in the transitional epithelium in remote areas of the long tube. In the prostate, the supply called merged with prostatic urethra and ejaculation duct two urethra from the bladder. Prostate leaves or area, it can be divided in two ways. It does not have a capsule, but integral fibromuscular band surrounds it. These are coated with more pelvic floor muscles, ejaculation process.

Function of the prostate is to separate, slightly alkaline fluid that make up the 50 to 75% of the volume of semen in the liquid of the seminal vesicles and sperm normal, the appearance of white or milk. Semen, I made basic with total emissions from the contribution of other glands, including the seminal vesicle fluid of at least. The alkalinity of semen and helps to neutralize extend the life of the sperm, the acidity of the vaginal canal. Alkalinization of semen is achieved by secretion of seminal vesicles mainly. With the majority of sperm, prostatic fluid is discharged through the first ejaculation fraction. That compared to the sperm of a few that is discharged along with the semen blister fluid mainly, was expelled in prostatic fluid is, have a better protection of genetic material better mobility, and prolonged survival. The prostate contains the smooth muscle of some help expel semen during ejaculation.

Prostatic urethra is developing pelvic urogenital sinus of (endoderm origin) from (central) part. Endoderm outgrowths arise from prostatic urethra, growth in the surrounding mesenchyme. Glandular epithelium of the prostate, characterized by mesenchymal that is associated with the endoderm cells are characterized by smooth muscle and dense connective tissue in the prostate. Is a modification of the wall of the proximal part of the male urethra, prostate, derived from nine weeks of life of the embryo in the development of the reproductive system. Without mesenchyme, to fuse with the urethra, I condense the Wolf bile lead to adult prostate constitution body components closely glands and glands of some.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers that affect the (estimated by some experts with 3%) the main cause of death in older men and older men in developed countries. However, “still, the potential benefits of the test, does not prove that exceed the harm of testing and treatment research” and, “They that person without learning the position of the American Cancer Society on the early detection I do not know about the benefits and potential risks of testing and treatment we believe that it should not be tested and know. (your prostate to 65 years before the brother and father of your race or black so that you can determine whether this is the right choice for you, for a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the test, talk test your doctor, and started 45 years) from 50 years old in the case you get a cancer. “If check is made, they may be in the form used to confirm the presence of (EN2) protein Engrailed-2 urinary measurement of prostate specific antigen physical rectal examination, the blood or (PSA), .

Richard Morgan and co-workers Hardev Pandha, announced his findings in the inspection of EN2 in 1 issue March 2011 urine of the journal Clinical Cancer Research. The clinical examination, to identify the current EN2 urine, home test kit was performed similar to home pregnancy test strip. According to Morgan, EN2 test is not yet available “We, and are preparing a large-scale study of some in the United States and the United Kingdom, but shows interest some companies to take it forward . “