Primary cancer of FA

Product name Primary cancer of FA
Cat. No. FB
Current version FB2
Data sheet FB2.pdf
No. of samples 30
No. of patients 21
Core diameter 2.0 mm
Section thickness 4 micrometer
Price 244 EUR
320 USD
210 GBP
Description Primary gastric cancer: 21 cores
Normal stomach: 9 cores

Primary cancer of FA stomach adenocarcinoma      Primary cancer of FA stomach adenocarcinoma 02Primary cancer of FA stomach adenocarcinoma 03

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The primary cancer, you may want to develop in any tissue of the body. I can (forming cancer first) primary cancer spreads to other parts of the body. This process is called metastasis. Typically, cancer cells is similar to the cells of the type of organization the cancer began. For example, I can breast cancer cells spread to the lungs. It appears as breast cancer because cancer begins in breast cancer cells in lung cancer cells.

Sometimes, the doctor find out where the cancer has spread, but the place where it began to grow in the body of the first cancer, I can not find it. This type of cancer is called a cancer of occult primary tumor or of unknown primary (CUP). The primary cancer, the test has been carried out to find where to start in order to obtain information about where the cancer has spread. Can not find the primary cancer in the test, the cancer is not a glass, the treatment is based on the type of primary cancer.

Always metastasis in primary cancer, it is a tumor which match so, it was started from a cell or a cancer cell to another part of the body is theorized it. However, you will want to have a unit with primary tumor metastasis more than 10 percent of cancer patients can not be found. It is said that in these cases, it refers to the primary tumor as “occult” or “unknown” the doctor, patient and have primary tumor of unknown primary cancer of unknown or (CUP) the (RTA). This 3% of all cancers of unknown primary being estimated. The study, if you want to question simply, (urination “bladder” probably cough blood “Yes” probably blood) cancer, you indicate that you do not want to reveal the source of the will or not there is a complex image. I can in some of such cases, the primary tumor is introduced later. Use pathological allowed immunohistochemistry to obtain the ID number of these transitions. However, in the survey, I will clarify the main area sometimes. (Eg, melanoma) in, in the autopsy even in the primary tumor, it is not found in rare cases. Therefore, it is thought to be capable of completely regressed primary tumor is of some, leave the transition.

Unknown primary cancer is found after being diagnosed with (CUP) metastatic cancer, where the (primary site) began the cancer can not be determined. That approximately 2-4% of all cancer patients are identified in the primary site has a cancer that is not. Metastatic cancer, cancer cells viewed under a microscope, cups for treatment depends on many factors, including the cases where healthy age and general of the patient was found. Even “CUP” initial diagnosis, recent advances in diagnostic technology has improved the ability of the physician to find the place.

I have a type of cell called adenocarcinoma most of the primary tumor patients unidentified. Words of adenocarcinoma refers to cancer that starts in the cells of the glandular structure on the cover and lining of certain organs in the body. Common location for lung cancer is included pancreas, breast, prostate, stomach, liver, and colon. (Ie, when viewed under a microscope too much, they seem to have been developed than the normal cells.), Cancer good germ cell tumor and, if it were lymphoma when cancer cells were differentiated. Lymphoma, start in the lymphatic system. Usually, germ cell tumor, begins in the ovaries and testes. Patients with primary cancer was discovered finally, is the most frequent site lung, pancreatic cancer. Further cup, it is possible to follow the primary site breast, prostate, colon, or rectum.

However, sometimes, the doctor can not be determined even when using a method that is very sophisticated to try to identify the main location of the body of cancer cells. The case of 4% from 2 of all cancer patients, it is found that the primary site has a cancer that is not. Because it can help doctors to plan treatment best often knowing the location and type, it is possible to identify the primary tumor site is important. Possible treatment that is specific for cancer suspect is more effective is high. However, the diagnostic test, when you do not identify the primary site, the potential benefits of a more extensive test, you need to decide whether or not greater than the financial cost and discomfort of the patient doctor.