Ovary fibrothecoma

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Ovary fibrothecoma

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Is a malignant tumor fibrosarcoma, mesenchymal fibrous connective tissue, and is characterized by the presence of undifferentiated spindle cell differentiation model storiform or fibroblast growth immature. This usually occurs in men between 30 and 40 years old. It attacks femur and fibrous tissue derived from the bone, the flat bone or mandible as long as the tibia and. In addition, the muscles contract and periosteum is included. It is possible to present the differences in tumor differentiation: high-grade (differentiation), and an intermediate low-grade malignant (undifferentiated). According to this differentiation, it may be similar to collagen rare mitotic to secrete (spindle) mature fibroblast tumor cells. These cells are arranged in the beam flux separating the incidence of “herringbone” known as the herringbone pattern is fused. Poorly differentiated tumor consists of mitosis atypical cells of many, polymorphism, multinucleated giant cells, atypical of many, I reduced the production of collagen. Presence (sarcoma vessel lacks endothelial cells) of immature blood vessels, to support the transition of the blood flow. Individual exhibiting 30-55 years fibrosarcoma usually adults, manifested by pain often. Incidence of fibrosarcoma is higher than the female adult male. As part of the female reproductive system of vertebrates, ovarian reproductive organs is a egg to produce is often found in pairs. Ovaries of female individuals, they are similar to the testis, in men is the endocrine glands and gonads.

Ovaries have been removed testosterone estrogen, and progesterone. In women, it is produced in the adrenal glands and ovaries, fifty percent of testosterone were released directly into the bloodstream. For the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics of women in puberty, estrogen is responsible for the maintenance and maturation of the reproductive organs in the state functional of mature them. Progesterone prepares the uterus for breast feeding and pregnancy glanda. Progesterone with the function of estrogen by promoting changes in the menstrual cycle in the endometrium. In human ovaries, on both sides of the uterus are linked via an optical fiber cable ovaries called links, they are paired in the pelvic cavity. Was found in the abdominal cavity the ovary, but is associated with the wall of the body through the suspension ligament of ovary. It is known as the mesovarium to cover a wider range of uterus, ovaries the link. Therefore, to make (not to be confused with intraperitoneal) intraperitoneal organ by itself completely, is invaginated to peritonium, ovary is an organ of the human body only.

The ovaries are found including invertebrates, in the genitalia of female many animals that use sexual reproduction in some species. However, it is developed in a very different way in most vertebrates compared to vertebrates, they are not truly homologous. Many of the features found in the human ovary, I have common vertebrate, including the presence of follicle cells of all, and white film. However, amphibians and fish, and millions of people, the fertilized egg or several hundred present in the ovary at any given point in time because there may be many kinds, much of eggs during their lifetime than humans Get the big number. In these species, fresh eggs, can be the development of fetal epithelium throughout life. The cartilaginous fish some, in other species, remnants of follicles were absorbed from the ovaries rapidly corpus luteum, and found in mammals. In monotremes birds, reptiles and, relatively, filling of large follicles, and eggs is a curved shape of ovarian maturation.

Reptiles and amphibians not the ovary brain, central ovary is a space filled hollow, lymph fluid. It is often hollow ovarian fish, but in this case, eggs are shed into the cavity seen in the fallopian tube. Vertebrates normal most women, has two ovaries, but this is not the case at all. The platypus and most birds, right ovary to be functioning only left, never to mature. (The exception, all birds  of prey and some kiwi contains, ovaries are left but not both) is, in the plate gills kind of some, right ovary only full I am developing in. Some bony fish that have been formed by the merger of a pair organ in embryonic and jawless fish primitive, only in ovary,.

Cryopreservation of ovarian tissue which is referred to as being threatened by the reproductive potential cancer treatment in breast cancer and hematological malignancies or, for example, is interested in women cryopreservation of ovarian tissue is want to keep the reproductive function of their beyond the natural limits often ,. The procedure, until they can proceed, is to take part of the ovary before you stored in liquid nitrogen and freeze continue gradually. Where it is possible to take place, it begins to produce new eggs were thawed, the concept of normal transplanted near or different (where natural) mammary gland or eggs, (abdominal wall) organizations I can. I concluded that that collection of ovarian tissue is safe study of 60 procedures are displayed. In order to prevent graft rejection in ovarian tissue, it can be recovered later tissue when follicles that can be transplanted immunodeficient mice (SCID mice), mature developed.