Ovary endometriosis

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Ovary endometriosis

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Line is displayed on the outside of the uterus cavity cells (endometrium) endometrial most common of the film abdominal cavity, peritoneum, endometriosis is the development of the gynecological diseases,,. The uterine cavity, endometrial cells under the influence of female hormones is lined. The endometrial cells in areas outside of the uterus (endometrium), and it is answered in a manner similar to the cells found in the uterus and affected by hormonal changes. Symptoms of endometriosis is pain and infertility. Pain is the worst frequent menstrual cycle, called dysmenorrhea.  Endometriosis is estimated usually observed in the reproductive years, it had been found in approximately 6-10% of women with endometriosis. Symptoms may depend on the position of the active endometriosis. Not be the main universal, in the form of different symptoms, it is pelvic pain. Endometriosis is a common finding and female infertility.  It is the treatment of endometriosis short excised uterus No. Although, analgesics can not be processed hormone therapy, in various ways, including surgery.

By dragging the leg pain Throbbing, and, gnawing, women with endometriosis have been reported more frequently. People who compared with women with endometriosis superficial, with a deep disease, likely to report a sense of the guts of the pull-down their pain and rectal shooting is high. Pain is connected to the diagnostic surgery, pain intensity and area of ​​[quote] individual, the area of ​​the pain can be associated to the area of ​​the endometrium. It is not possible in response to the stimulation of hormones, lesions of endometriosis, to “bleed” during menstruation. Causing an inflammatory response that results in swelling and activation of cytokines, blood accumulates locally. This process can give rise to pain. The pain may be caused by (internal scarring) adhesions connecting the internal organs to each other result of the displacement of the organ. it is possible oviduct, ovary, uterus, intestine, bladder, and not only, during the menstrual cycle and connected to each other in a way painful on a daily basis. Further, by being able to develop its own source of nerve creates interactions of direct two-way between the lesion and the central nervous system, potentially endometrial lesions in women some , Disease could have very independent, produce individual differences in a variety of pain.

Laparoscopic surgical approach, including resection of endometrial and ovarian adhesion. Endometriosis, in many cases, it is considered that removal or surgical resection and is very good in terms of the continuous removal of the disease, you need to be eased the pain. May lead to the improvement of the sometimes fertility surgery, side effects, may lead to an increase in FSH three for many patients or the 2nd cycle. And burns [edit] laser surgery can be recovered quickly endometriosis and endometriosis, and considered to be very effective, you are burning the top layer of the endometrium only. Similarly, sclerotherapy and drainage of the endometrium is a technique somewhat controversial in order to remove the endometrium by varying degrees of success. It can be performed to maintain fertility in young patients surgery conservative, and in particular, increase the FSH values, ovaries is small if it is removed in the process surgically functional ovarian tissue, as described above It can have the effect of productivity is improved. Operation laparoscopic surgery, will be able to provide improved fertility treatment and pain relief. Radical surgery options may include a bilateral oophorectomy or single.

In particular, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are used in patients with pelvic pain (NSAID) has established if (excisional biopsy), the diagnosis of endometriosis is often not determined. The goal of treatment is directed to state the missing. Typically, this is accomplished first using a hormonal contraceptive. This can gonadotropin releasing hormone agents progesterone, danazol or gestrinone, (GnRH agonist), as well as to achieve a drug than other known. If oral contraceptives and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are not effective, these agents are typically used. Without losing the effect, in combination with (add-back therapy) progestogen and estrogen, GnRH involves the hypoestrogenic symptoms too. These drugs are short-lived while taking the medication often ineffective in the treatment of relief and endometrium can. Hot flashes such, loss of bone, large aloud, weight gain, and as facial hair, hormone treatment of a large number of sometimes permanent side effects.

Many women with infertility may have endometriosis. Endometriosis, but can not be used in such a way that it can lead to (scar tissue fibers to form between tissues and organs after recovering from injury) adhesions and anatomic distortion, it is easy to understand cause-and-effect relationship , link between endometriosis and infertility, have limited time about endometriosis remains a mystery. Alternatively embryos and gametes, Endometriosis, likely to develop in women who are not able to imagine other reasons because it may be higher, lesions of endometriosis suspected detrimental factors epiphenomenon that The release, that you talk of infertility in endometriosis-related preferred it.