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Osteosarcoma aggressive malignant tumor arising from (KS) Thus transformed primitive cells of mesenchymal origin that represents the osteoid produce and malignant differentiation of osteoblasts. This is the most common form of primary bone histological cancer. The tumor can be localized to the end of a long bone. Most often, I affect the proximal end of the distal end of the femur or humerus, or tibia. The bone sarcoma, 60% of the cases, in about 15% of the femur, tend to affect the area around the knee to 8% jaw 10% and arm. It is a thing (appearance of “burst sun” of X-ray and “fir”, “moth-eaten”) tumor irregular, hard, due to bone fragments of tumor of mineralized bone by broadcasting the right angle in a stable. What is known as the triangle cod fishing boat, this right angle shape. The surrounding tissue has been penetrated. Characteristic of the presence osteosarcoma bone tumor in the (bone formation): microscope. Is a multi-form very (anaplastic) tumor cells, some of which is a huge atypical mitosis multiple. Bone tumor – These cells produce bone description (amorphous, eosinophilic / pink) the irregular beams with or without central calcification (hematoxylinophilic / blue, granular) of. Tumor cells are included in the bone matrix. (Whether similar bone cells, fibroblasts or chondrocytes thereof), it is possible according to the characteristics of the tumor cells, to further classify tumors. May indicate giant bone cell-like multinucleated bone sarcoma.

The appeal may have the potential to worsen many patients would be at night, occurred for some time, the pain of the first. If the tumor is large, that it appears as swelling. There is a fracture in the minor trauma (pathological fracture) bone affected is not as strong as normal bone. You can vary the intensity to be back and forth to be due Bone Cancer Research Trust in (BCRT) pain. Swelling does not appear if you are not, such as the pelvis, such as that, near the surface of the body. The orthopedic surgeon and family doctor, there is little that you refer to (which is a benign bone tumor most) malignant bone tumor. Thus, many patients, muscle problems and first cysts are diagnosed with [citation needed], some, it will be sent straight to physical therapy without X-ray.

Begins with the X-ray normal, continued (CT, PET scan, bone scan, MRI) and a combination of scan, the root of the osteosarcoma diagnosis, ending with surgical biopsy. In many cases, be formed by subperiosteal lesions periosteum is a “triangular cod fishing” when it is increased as a result of the tumor basically characteristics seen in X-rays. Bone biopsy film provocation is a critical the only way for the tumor to determine whether it is malignant or benign. The biopsy of bone sarcoma is suspected, qualified orthopedic specialist please go. “In other cancers perhaps, that if that you save the affected limb from the cutting is difficult to perform this procedure is important inappropriate biopsy done correctly it.”: The state of the American Cancer Society

EN to complete the radical surgical resection block is the treatment of choice for osteosarcoma. You can approximately 90% of patients with operation of limb salvage, but complications – infection in particular, EU external and artificial loose – recurrence of local tumor or that the need for cutting or additional surgery may occur I have a. Use Mifamurtide is has undergone surgery to remove tumors in patients after, in order to be combined with chemotherapy to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence, and kill other cancer cells. Patients with osteosarcoma is managed by experienced orthopedic oncologist in the management of sarcoma and medical oncologist best. The current standard of care, is to use the (chemotherapy given before surgery) chemotherapy preoperative surgical resection followed.

To give an estimate of the tumor, the regime of chemotherapy, the percentage of (cell death), can and must be changed after the operation if tumor necrosis is seen in tumors after surgery. Standard treatment, leucovorin rescue, intra-arterial cisplatin, adriamycin, ifosfamide, etoposide (bleomycin, cyclophosphamide, dactinomycin) and mesna and (ablation or in some cases), BCD orthopedic limb salvage surgery if possible and muramyl is a combination of high-dose methotrexate three peptite (MTP). Is a surgical Another technique can be used rotational angioplasty. The Ifosfamide, it can be used as an adjuvant therapy, necrosis is low.

In spite of the success of chemotherapy for osteosarcoma, it has one of the lowest survival rate of childhood cancer. Survival rate reported in ’10 best was 92%, the protocol used is aggressive artery regimen emphasize the treatment on the basis of arteriographic response. 75% from 50% to + 85%, three-year event-free survival rate was in the range of 5-year survival rate in the study of some 60%. To 70 or 65% of patients treated five years ago in general, would be alive today. Survival rate of these is the average value of the total, depending on the necrosis of course very individual. To help the nausea and vomiting, drugs such as Zofran and Kytril are given for hydration fluid. Neulasta and Neupogen help the neutrophil count and white blood cells. Anemia and transfusion Epogenherupu.