Normal organs

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Normal organs      Normal organsNormal organs

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Normal organs in duplicates can be evaluated by (PET-CT) scan and computed tomography (18F-FDG) positron emission tomography 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose in duplicate. I investigated the (women 32 men and 38 people) patients seventy people without the incorporation of non-physiological 18F-FDG. PET-CT before are within normal range blood sugar levels in the fasting state and image, all patients fasted for at least 4 hours. The image acquisition is performed after intravenous administration of 18 F-FDG, the image is obtained from the top of the thigh. Jeep various organs will be determined by the side view. Uptake of 18F-FDG is the highest in the spleen brain, cerebellum, heart muscle, tonsil, and liver in both men and women. There is information about the physiological uptake of Jeep authorities and normal 18F-FDG, but it is necessary for the correct interpretation of whole body 18F-FDG-PET-CT exam.

Using the colony assay in vitro clonogenic fibroblast cell precursors (CFU-F), are detected in the thymus bone marrow, spleen, and adult mice. CFU-F of total-body irradiation after D0 220, of 150 g reproduction of bone marrow, and is characterized by the delay time after irradiation and average loss, survival curves of CFU-F was irradiated immersion lasting from mouse bone marrow in vitro to return to the normal value to 25 days, the 6th is, following. This pattern of recovery after the transmission of the CFU-F is the same as the CFU-S. In addition, the number of CFU-F increased to about two times during the first 6 hours after irradiation.

Knowing the accumulation of FDG in the normal distribution for the interpretation of whole body PET imaging for the detection of tumor it is important. Review the whole body PET imaging, we studied the twenty-eight healthy people, which is a factor that led to the diversity and strength of FDG uptake in the major organs. Emission image is acquired, the image is reconstructed without attenuation correction. Were classified into four categories visually strength of FDG uptake. Accumulation, was not found thyroid, esophagus, the spleen within. I visualized the oral cavity, liver, stomach, large intestine, in all subjects. Muscles of the larynx of heart FDG card and neck muscles degree of 1-4 grade is different. Association, was not found between the intensity of the appointment of volunteer and age. The fasting, the heart, they were shorter in subjects who showed a “high” than shown (p <0.05) and significantly less accumulation. Significantly (p <0.05) also, the serum concentration of free fatty acids significantly lower these. Many organs, were observed in the heart muscle and laryngeal muscle, the neck especially the incorporation of a variety of FDG. In our study, there was no facter not cause FDG uptake in organs and the amount of free fatty acids present in the heart and the exception of fasting. This analysis of whole body FDG distribution in healthy subjects, is valuable for the detection of tumor FDG-PET.

It is a condition of congenital (oppositus location or horizontal stripes also called) Location inversion major internal organs or reversed, being reflected from the position of their usual. Normal mode is also known as solitus place. In a state that rarely other, known as heterotaxy doubt and place, it is not possible to determine the position.
Long-term position inversion is the short form of the phrase “where inversion viscerum” the Latin word meaning “reversal position of the internal organs”. After seeing first (heart is in the right side of the chest), and recognized by Marco Aurelio Severino in 1643, was painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1452 to 1519 in the right chest. However, inversion which it was exercised, was described more than a century after the first by Matthew Bailey.
It varies between the populations that spread the location inversion is different, but it is less than 1 in 10 000.

It may be found in twins “mirror” the same or X-linked, but the inversion of the place, is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder in general. If congenital heart disease is not present, people are phenotypically normal in position inversion, it is possible to lead a healthy life without the usual complications associated with their medical conditions. Transpose place reverse hair loss in large vessels most often, there is a 5-10% the spread of congenital heart disease in patients. The incidence of congenital heart disease is at least 95% position of the inversion levocardia.

They know the abnormal anatomy of their people of many to seek medical attention for unrelated conditions, with inversion of hair loss whereabouts. Turning to the authorities, signs and symptoms of many “as a side ‘wrong then, can lead to some confusion. If you want to develop appendicitis, for example, people with a place reverse position, they to be a place to have their applications, will introduce the lower left abdominal pain doctor. Therefore, in the case of a medical problem, knowledge individual that is the position reverse position, be used to accelerate the diagnosis so that you can demand to shift to other signs and sounds of the heart. doctor can, people with this disease, wearing a. medical identification tags that can be used to notify the physician prior to testing You can tell the medical personnel in the event that the person is not able to communicate that you are