Normal organs of adult male monkey, perfusion fixation

Product name Normal organs of adult male monkey, perfusion fixation
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No. of samples 60
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Normal organs of adult male monkey Skin      Normal organs of adult male monkey SpleenNormal organs of adult male monkey Lymph node

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As well as reduction of GnRH androgen in male rats, not only suppress the synthesis and secretion of LH, on the other hand, action feedback that the main androgen to reduce the secretion of LH in primates men, including humans There is considerable evidence to show, by direct effect of pituitary GnRH pulse generator is of late. Rather than GnRH showed that testosterone (T), previous studies low α-subunit and LH in perifused male rat pituitary cells cultured in the pulse of pituitary cells from monkey adult male in our laboratory I will suppress the secretion of mRNA levels. In this study, I have tried to determine androgen receptor (AR), lack of response of gonadotrophs to see whether it is connected to androgens in primates. I was prepared from the anterior pituitary adult male monkey, rat primary cultures. Cells were identified as gonadotrophs if FSH-β or immune response, the LH-beta they.

From these cells in monkeys, 80% contains both FSH, LH-β only are included, 17%, containing only 3% of FSH-β. AR immunoreactivity (IR), the rats in the absence of T after the treatment T, nuclear AR IR was observed in 81% and 79% of the monkey, 22% nuclear power each of FSH-β-positive cells and monkey , 15%, rat gonadotrophs. I will strengthen LbetaT2 cells in rat fibroblasts and monkey and IR of alphaT3-1 AR mouse gonadotropin treatment also of T. As with AR and LH-βmRNA, LH-β, and single-cell RT-PCR confirmed the co-expression of GH mRNA in monkey gonadotrophs. Our data, rats and monkeys have shown that AR positive nuclear localization is not required for the AR expression in gonadotrophs in the presence of T. GH expression gonadotrophs. We conclude that lack of T to suppress the reduction of α-subunit mRNA expression and secretion of LH in primates of man is not due to the destruction of nuclear AR throw.

The proboscis monkey, you can be found in the three countries to separate the island and is endemic to Borneo: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia. In coastal areas, this is the most common along the river. This type is limited to the habitat of lowland possibility for generating the ebb and flow of the tide. Dipterocarp, river forest and mangrove favor. This can swamp forests and tall swamp hills and forests, wetlands, of NYPA nibong swamp forests, rubber forest, rubber plantation, of limestone, found in the cliffs and health of tropical forest swamp, forest, stunted. Typically, this type will remain with at least a kilometer away from the water source. This is probably be able in most aquatic in primates, a pretty good swimmer to swim in water 20 meters up (65.6 feet). This thing to swim across the river is known. In addition, proboscis monkey moves in four feet jumping and wood mainly. Note that it jumps from the branch and lowered in the water is known.

As frugivore and folivore seasonal, proboscis monkey, eat leaves and fruits mainly. Also, I eat a lesser extent flower, seed, from insects. “. With a strong preference for Eugenia Sp, Lophopetalum javanicum and Ganua motleyana” plant species at least 55 different consumption. Young leaves are preferred over is preferred over ripe fruit immature fruit and mature leaves. Eat the fruit of January to May mainly, people who eat seasonal, proboscis monkey and leaves until December to June almost. Normally, when you are near, there is a tendency to sleep near the river They sleep in adjacent trees.Monkeys group. The proboscis monkey, and then start the collection date of the food, there will be on the inside of the country. Proboscis Monkey “of the activities of daily rest, and consists travel, with vigilance and nutrition. The CUD,. Night bite to allow food intake and efficient digestion more approaches, monkey came near the river sometimes they Te, proboscis monkey of. predator prey cross the narrow cross monkeys and arboreally river if possible There crocodile, leopard, eagle, and python and monitor lizard again, but this can be useful in order to avoid predators .

Proboscis Monkey is evaluated as Endangered in the IUCN Red List of endangered species listed in Appendix I of CITES. The total population has declined more than 50% in 40 years from 36 to 2008 for hunting in some areas and loss of continuous habitat. The following are the population is fragmented. It is a group of the largest remaining is found in Kalimantan, much less of Sabah Sarawak, and Brunei. In all regions of Borneo, proboscis monkey, which is protected by law. In Malaysia, it is protected by a number of laws, including wildlife law for the protection of wildlife protection regulations 1998 entry in force of the 1997 wildlife the (federal law). Tanjung computing National Park of Indonesia Danau Sentarum National Park Gunung Palung National Park, Kendawangan Nature Reserve, Kutai National Park, Lesan forest conservation, Muarakaman Nature Reserve, and Mandor district, Bako National: Proboscis Monkey is, be found in protected areas 16 ur Sega Ma reserve in Malaysia park can be, Gunung Pueh Forest Reserve, Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve, Klias National Park, Kulamba Wildlife Reserve, low Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, and Sungai · Samunsam Wildlife Refuge.