Normal organs of adult female monkey, perfusion fixation

Product name Normal organs of adult female monkey, perfusion fixation
Cat. No. YB
Current version YB1
Data sheet YB1.pdf
No. of samples 60
Core diameter 2.0 mm
Section thickness 4 micrometer
Price 200 EUR
260 USD
173 GBP

Normal organs of adult female monkey Skin      Normal organs of adult female monkey BreastNormal organs of adult female monkey Spleen

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Proboscis Monkey is one of the most extraordinary events in the leaf-eating monkey Old World monkey of the family. Locals in big these monkeys with a red nose and potbellies as ‘monkey in the Netherlands’. Are related to men hang drooling “large middle-aged to his mouth both the name in common with the Latin of this type Standing, from a large nose of them, black and scrotum bright red, and penis visible, the owner of the plantation and sailors of the Netherlands in the area than women male proboscis monkey separately. as is considered as a cartoonist is unique and that, much larger, heavy. as crown of the head and shoulders of red and brown coat is bright, the color of the tail and legs in gray, has a spot creamy throat. infants black fur are born with the face of blue and bright. reasons nose of big men is a matter of contention yet, but women and prefer a man with a nose, perhaps in the form of gender selection because development utterances they may be.

Known as bekantan in Malay or proboscis monkey (spike larvatus), long nose monkey, is a tree Old World monkey red brown prevalent on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. Treatment preferred by some yet – to traditional pig tail langur is included in this genus, it belongs to the monotypic genus spikes. It pointed out that it had a nose and big breasts like this often, colonization of Indonesia Netherlands, go or, (“monkey in the Netherlands”) Malay name monyet belanda orangutan belanda in (“Dutch”) also monkey . This kind of monkey is easily recognizable large nose that anomaly.

Proboscis Monkey is a great look and is one of the largest species of monkey native of Asia. Gray langur and some Tibetan macaques only, can be comparable to the size. Sexual dimorphism is prominent in species. 66 to 76.2 cm (26 to 30.0 inches) and a maximum weight of 30 kg Normal (66 pounds), the male head of the length of the body weight of 16 to 22.5 kg a (35-50 lbs). 53.3 to 62 cm measurement of the length of the head and body 7-12 kg of weight (15-26 lbs) and a maximum weight of 15 kg or number of women (33 lbs) (21.0 to 24),. In addition, the length of the nose and two types of large-scale larger than (3.9 in.) 10 cm, adding the trunk of a man will be able to hang up the mouth of the below. However, the nose of women are large enough for primates still. Proboscis monkey has a long coat almost. Bright orange, brick red or tan, fur on the back is reddish brown. Undercoat is light orange tinged with light gray, and gray and yellow. Face is orange pink. Man has a penis red black scrotum. Men and women have a belly bulge what give monkey-like pot belly. Fingers are webbed Many of the monkey.

Women – to be sexually mature at the age of five. They experience the sexual swelling is red with pink or genitals. In one site, sexual intercourse is done between November and February mainly, birth occurs during the month and March. There is a trend that lasts half a minute to mating. Men take the body and ankle of women, it is installed it back. Encourage the mating to both men and women, but they do not always succeed. In the solicitation, and Masu people pouted for both men and women. In addition, women will present their bastard sometimes men and sing. Mating pair has been plagued by sometimes subadults. It is possible to engage the proboscis monkey, and installation, without reproductive sex as mount and sense of fun like this. Pregnancy lasts a little more than 200 days from 166. Tend to be born early in the morning and at night a woman. Then, eat the placenta, the mother clean Mel children. Starts to eat solid food for six weeks, young people are weaned at seven months. I will grow slowly nose of young men until the adult. The other members of the group, you can hold your baby mother. When you replace the resident male to male group, the baby is exposed to the risk of infanticide.

The proboscis monkey, you can be found in the three countries to separate the island and is endemic to Borneo: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia. In coastal areas, this is the most common along the river. This type is limited to the habitat of lowland possibility for generating the ebb and flow of the tide. Dipterocarp, river forest and mangrove favor. Usually, swamp forest to remain at least, swamp forests and tall swamp hills and forests, wetlands, of NYPA nibong swamp forests, rubber forest, rubber plantation, of limestone, this is a sudden type of health cliffs.This tropical forests and stunted approximately 1.6km from the water source can be found. This is probably be able in most aquatic in primates, a pretty good swimmer to swim in water 20 meters up (65.6 feet). This thing to swim across the river is known. In addition, proboscis monkey moves in four feet jumping and wood mainly. Note that it jumps from the branch and lowered in the water is known.