Normal organs and cancers

Product name Normal organs and cancers
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Current version BC8
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No. of samples 59
No. of patients 59
Core diameter 2.0 mm
Section thickness 4 micrometer
Description No. of normal cores : 30 cores
No. of cancer cores : 29 cores
Price 244 EUR
320 USD
210 GBP

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Person who receives the organs at risk of propagation of cancer is very small, but there are several reports in the medical literature that happen. This is due to the recipient of the organ partially are given drugs to suppress the immune system to prevent transplant rejection. This can not be able to identify the cancer cells that may have been transplanted organ immune system of their kill.

According to the survey of UNOS, there may be a risk that is acceptable to the use of organs from a donor who had certain cancers in certain situations. Long cancer-free interval before the case of organ donation, this is especially true. Currently, we do not recommend the acceptance of organ UNOS, from the spread ‘of active cancer. The exception is the organ donor with primary tumors of the brain not spread outside the brain stem. “This heading is that Zu brain tumors and affect the service life as compared with patients who received donor organs has not been. A study of the recipient of the 500 organ almost any, does not have the disease from donated human tissue that had a brain tumor. acceptance of donated organs to organ and the recipient’s organ procurement agencies .

People with cancer, can be used for living donor due to medical condition, it is possible to be used after several paths still have a tissue or organ of the body. If you want to donate, it is OK to be listed as a donor to the driver’s license of your. Please make sure that too, your family, know your wishes as you may be asked that they give consent. If you have spread inside the cancer, taken internal organs. However, if a long time cancer free die with, you will not be able to use their bodies. It is also possible to use tissues such as often other skin, tendon, and bone and. Careful testing of organs and tissues can occur at the time of death. Decisions about what you can while agree that you wish to donate, the organs and tissues, to be used after this is done by the medical profession his family.

However, tissue and other organs can be is one way to offer help to others, to be used for donation to the cornea of ​​the eye. Individuals almost all of cancer (except those of certain types of eye and blood cancer) is, you can donate the cornea. You can learn more about the donation of the Eye Bank Association of America cornea. If you have any questions about whether there is a case to be able to donate organs and tissues of yourself, you organ procurement center in your area donate life America or UNOS (hereinafter referred to “more”) or, Please contact.

Cancer has the potential to affect any organ of the body. Spread the disease by it, cells of malignant tumors, have the ability to invade tissues and organs surrounding. Similarly, the cancer cells are released from the tumor, enter the blood flow is possible, spread of the disease to other organs. This process is called metastasis propagation. Cancer metastasized, if you have affected other body, disease refers to the body of still occur. If cervical cancer spreads to the lungs, it is called non-lung cancer, and cervical cancer still