Normal matching tissues of MC

Product name Normal matching tissues of MC
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No. of samples 59
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Core diameter 2.0 mm
Section thickness 4 micrometer
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Normal matching tissues of MC Unterus endometrium      Normal matching tissues of MC Unterus endometrium 02Normal matching tissues of MC Unterus endometrium 03

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Normal matching tissues of MC ,between themselves, the immune system is most important for the transplant I know the difference between themselves outside, but a number of factors, is a system of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) How play a role. Human leukocyte antigen, is a protein found on the surface of most cells. They consider the tissue type of a person different from the human blood groups.

Everyone has a pair of some of the antigen HLA. (Pass one of each pair to each of the children) and we, we will inherit one of each pair of these for each of the parents. When you find a donor for those who get a stem cell transplant, doctors, try to match these antigens.

How much has played a major role HLA tissue end of the donor and recipient, transplant to whether to go well. 6 of 6 minutes – 1 minute, all six of the major HLA antigens known is excellent in the same case. Opportunity versus-host disease of the lower transplantation, graft rejection, as well as a weak immune system, such as described above, people with these results have ready for serious infections. 5 of 6 minutes – with peripheral blood stem cell transplantation and bone marrow, and sometimes used mismatch donor antigen. Transplantation of HLA full match of umbilical cord blood appears to be essential to the success and you do not have a sample that can be OK to mismatch proteins few more.

Doctors are continuing to learn a better way to match the donor. Since different cells they are less from unrelated donors, Today, fewer test may be required to relatives. However, it will be tested in order to reduce the risk of non-type often from unrelated donors major HLA antigens of six or more. You will think at times, doctors would like to take a look at the five sets of antigen, for example, is trying to get 10 of 10 games. Some transplant centers require a high level of matching. In other centers, to perform the chemotherapy regimen, the other half matched donor of the clinical trial. Be difficult because there are many things to HLA to find a good match it, this is an active area of ​​research.

The immune system plays an important role in the success of allogeneic stem cell transplantation arbitrary. Usually, by destroying all of the body, we keep it in good health, immune system and are seeing them, such as bacteria and viruses, as foreigners. too, immune system cells work is aware of the other people as alien.

If it is not close to tissue type matching between donor and recipient, the patient’s immune system is able to look at a new stem cells as foreign and destroys them. This is called a graft, which can result in graft rejection. It is rare before the (radiation therapy and / or chemotherapy) transplantation therapy to destroy the immune system of the donor and recipient primarily be matched carefully.

Another problem that can happen is that you can be when the donor’s stem cells make the immune cells of their own, new cells are looking at the patient’s cells as foreign, turn on your new home. This type of attack, also known as graft-versus-host disease. (Please refer to the “host versus graft”, in the section called “problem that might come shortly after transplantation” for details). Transplanted stem cells to attack the human body with a transplant. This is a common problem, this is the main reason for doing everything to the nearest possible match is found.

In general, brain death, which is defined as the irreversible cessation of brain function all should organ donation. (Ie, fan) (about 20 000 years), in a very limited these mechanical support when there is a possibility to continue to the survival of organ short time after the death of the patient, organ donation is made. Carefully, you will have to match it to the waiting recipients (heart, liver, and kidney) organ. For example, the matching is performed according to factors such as the amount of waiting for the recipient and pathology blood of the recipient. Organizations that have been donated, may be caused by undergoing cardiac death or brain dead patients and the end of the heart. Therefore, donor organization of more potential organ donor is present. The recipients in the organization, the rejection like this, you will need to adapt to their donor does not matter in general.