Normal lung (matching CC)

Product name Normal lung (matching CC)
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In the normal lung, I have the other one lung, the left side of the chest two lungs, the right side of the chest. Each lung contains a section called leaf. In the lung, and are protected from the chest and soft. To bring the oxygen in the body, object of the lung, and remove carbon dioxide. While oxygen of “exhaust” of the body and waste, carbon dioxide is a gas that gives our energy.

For his lungs, to protect themselves from irritants, there are a number of ways. to prevent large particles of pollutants from the fact that first, nose enters the lungs when you breathe, it acts as a filter. If the stimulus enters the lungs, it will fit in a thin layer of mucus (also called sputum or phlegm) that is inside the line of the trachea. Media 3 g mucus took out a tube of these mucous membranes of the respiratory every day. This mucus has been “swept” into the mouth of the small hair called the line breathing tube cilia. The cilia move mucus from the lungs to the neck of the epiglottis up. Epiglottis is a door opening fluid in order to be able to swallow. This happens without thinking about it us. As long as you do not have an infection or chronic bronchitis chest cold like this, such as exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia, the spitting phlegm, people does not occur not “normal”.

Defense mechanism of another lung has been the cough. It is a normal phenomenon, cough is the result of inflammation of the bronchial general case. I can cough to expel the mucus from the lungs faster than cilia.

At the end of the general method of lung is used to protect, can cause problems. Strip of muscle is lined to the airways of the lungs. If the lungs are irritated, these muscle groups, can be the lungs in an attempt to maintain the irritation, breathing tube is narrowed, then tighten. These muscles are called bronchial tightening rapidly. Lung some are very sensitive to stimulation. Because there is a potential to cause serious problems for people with COPD, that it will breathe airway narrowing is difficult, bronchi, is a serious problem for those with asthma often they.

In order to supply oxygen to the body, the air moves through the nose, mouth or both. It is the preferred route nose and is a better filter from the mouth. The added moisture in the air and heating (humidity), nose, reduce the amount of delivery to the lung irritation us while breathing. For a large amount of air is required, the nose, lungs, can therefore be used in the most effective way to obtain the distance to the mouth breathing. When breathing through the mouth, normal exercise is required.

After inserting the nose and mouth, the air moves downward “trachea” or trachea. Tracheal tube is located closest to the door. It is behind “food pipe” of the esophagus and trachea. You, when eating the movement of food through the esophagus when we were breathing air movement under the trachea. Take food and airway but food epiglottis to prevent from entering the trachea, is controlled by the neck. Occasionally, liquid food and is coughing and choking spasms, and as a result, it is possible to enter the trachea.

The trachea is divided into left and right breathing tube, they are called bronchi. Lead of the left bronchus leads to the right lung to the right bronchus and left lung. Tubes called respiratory bronchioles These continue to be divided into smaller tubes and more. The bronchi end in small air sacs called alveoli. Alveolar meaning “bundle” in the cluster as Italian are connected to a small breathing tube. There are alveoli of 3 million or more in a normal lung. If it is exposed flat alveoli open, covering an area of ​​a pair of tennis courts. And I have a lot to lose if the lung disease, damage caused by surgery or infection occurs alveoli of all, it is not used once.