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Rather than uterine smooth muscle cells of, is composed mainly for interstitial and to support the vascular tissue, myometrium is the middle layer of the wall of the uterus. Its main function is to induce uterine contractions. Myometrium outer ring of the longitudinal smooth muscle of the inner circular fiber muscle fibers intermediate crossover, which is nestled between perimetric and adhesive and, (lining of the uterus) endometrium: myometrium I have three layers in. Nextel fibers act to prevent the loss of blood at the time of regression of crisscross live ligature uterus.

Third of the inside of the (called sub-layer nodes or endometrium) myometrium, as derived from the myometrium outside, of the ruling class and channel Muller tube derived from non-Muller tube organization appear visible, it is the contraction of a large organization during childbirth. And abortion. It also appears to function as an anti-peristaltic activities motility that may muscularis circular node layer corresponds to the muscular layers of the intestine. Smooth muscle of the myometrium, very similar to the molecular structure of the smooth muscle in other parts of the body and the actin and myosin, basically as a predominant protein expression. In uterine smooth muscle myosin – which is about six times that of actin. The use of changes in the direction of the uterine contractions observed during the menstrual cycle is assumed to change in the expression of uterine smooth muscle myosin.

That it is between -35 and -80 mV was recorded resting membrane potential of uterine smooth muscle on (Vrest). As resting membrane potential of the other cell types, rather than a high concentration of sodium Mainly cells is supported by the high concentration of K ions and Na / K pump, causing the ions in the extracellular environment as compared to the intracellular space the space inside the cell than outside space. Because of the negative potential, leading to an outflow of positive ions of the entire K-channel open after big degree from Na channels followed.

In response to rhythmic vibration called slow wave, the potential of the remaining data have been adjusted to reflect the intrinsic activity of the slow wave potential. Affect the permeability of the cell membrane of each of these ions thus Na, K, intracellular and slow waves thereof caused by a change in the distribution of Ca 2 chlorine ions between extracellular. Reflected ion flux changes in K different channels, K is a major cause of ions such changes.

By making the myometrium (growing in smooth muscle cells, the number) in order to enable more cooperatively, and concealment of pregnancy by positive feedback effect to “reflection Ferguson” Pregnant The process of expansion labor). Birth of myometrium more ejects the placenta, later in order to reduce the loss of blood where the intersecting fibers of the core layer compression of blood vessels. Thus, the benefits of positive for the initiation of feeding, in order to reduce blood loss and facilitate rapid return to muscles and abdominal uterus before pregnancy, there is a natural stimulation of the reflecting .

Smooth muscle is an involuntary non-striated muscle. Is divided into multi-unit smooth muscle (single) and 1 unit, in two subgroups it. In the smooth muscle of the single, the autonomic nervous system, and innervation a packet or cell of a worksheet, action potential, as polynuclear entire mass (ie reticulum of cells that have been propagated through the gap junctions of adjacent cells is not divided into cells which sheet bundles or more). Dominates the individual cells, such as multi-unit smooth muscle, they will allow for the gradual response employing unit of skeletal muscle and precise control.
And is disposed between mantle layer large medium (aortic) smooth muscle, blood vessels (such as smooth muscle specific called vascular smooth muscle) and, in the walls small arteries, veins and arterioles. Body and iris smooth muscle, which is located in (known as smooth muscle of the uterus) lymphatic vessels, bladder, uterus, genitals of men and women, digestive tract, respiratory tract, piloerection, skin, hair-like. Structure and function are basically the same as in the smooth muscle cells in various organs, but induced stimulation vary considerably to meet the individual responses in the body of the individual times. In addition, the glomeruli of the kidney, including the smooth muscle cell-like, called mesangial cells.