Lymph node, normal

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Lymph node, normal

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Lymph glands or lymph nodes are distributed throughout the body, including the stomach and armpit widely, it is oval organ of the immune system that are connected by lymphatic vessels. It is a defense of other immune cells lymph node B, and T,. Acts as a trap or filter for foreign matter lymph node, it is important for the proper functioning of the immune system. Cells called white blood lymphocytes firmly, macrophages are packed with them. The lymph nodes, I have clinical relevance. may they trivial, throat infections such different and, under a variety of conditions, become hypertrophy and inflammation, such as cancer, life-threatening. In the latter case, lymph node status is important to be used for determining cancer staging process used to make it determine the prognosis. The swelling at the time, expanding or inflammation, lymph node is severe, you can bid firmly. Lymph nodes may be diagnosed by biopsy they are inflamed. Several diseases can affect the lymph nodes and position consistent characteristic.

His white blood cell lymph, lymphocytes circulating in the blood stream via the lymph always in lymph nodes are included. Molecules found in chemical or cell wall releasing bacteria by bacteria called antigen can be harvested antigen-presenting cells specialized such as dendritic cells to lymph nodes and subsequent lymphatic system. In response to an antigen, lymphocytes in lymph nodes, produce antibodies that target pathogens that produce target antigen them for destruction by complement and other cells and determined by entering the circulating lymph. To fight off the infection, other cells of the immune system, to “send” to the lymph nodes. Was needed ¬†increase in the number of cells of the immune system to fight unit becomes larger to become “swollen” infection.

It is surrounded by fibrous lymph nodes, and extends to the formation of lymph nodes trabeculae of fibrous cap. The contents of lymph nodes is divided bark marrow outside and inside surrounded by cortical all but the navel cord is in direct contact with the surface. Net elastin fibers (RN), the most famous textile and mesh thin form a support network called the reticular network white blood cells in them is a lymphocyte (white blood cells), in the interior of the assembly and are packed as follicles in the cortex firm. In other places, there is a white blood cell from time to time. Instead of RN, not only provides structural support to the joint surface of the lymphocytes dendritic cells, and macrophages. It enables the exchange of material with blood in high endothelial venules, which ensures the adjustment factor and growth necessary for the maturation and activation of immune cells.

When developing the germinal center, in particular, the composition and number of follicles may be changed if they are caused by an antigen. It is a sine channel node is covered with endothelial cells and fibroblasts reticulum cell, lymph, can be smooth flow of lymph through. Thus, subcapsular sinus is deep in the sinus capsule endothelial now, is continuous with that of the afferent lymphatic vessels. In addition, it is continuous with the sinuses that are similar in the cerebral cortex adjacent to trabecular (cortex-dong). The lymph sinus and cortical flows into the efferent lymph vessels, adjacent to the trabecular sinus drain, in from there.

A wide range of wear of the capsule in the lymph node and branch network, afferent lymph tubes. In this section, I enter the subcapsular sinus. The innermost layer of the afferent lymphatic vessels, and is contiguous with the surface cells of the lymph sinus. Filtered slowly through the material of the lymph nodes, lymph obtained has reached the brain eventually. In the process, there is a possibility that lymphocytes occurs, leading to their activation as part of the adaptive immune response that. Concave side of the lymph nodes is called a navel. Adhering to the gate by being in the dense reticulum relatively efferent carry lymph from the lymph nodes.

Cortex, with a coating Shimohora channel Liang-dong, I flows into the lymph sinus then. Skin is composed mainly of B cells, which are arranged in follicles can develop challenge germinal center, a deep skin antigens mainly of T cells. The area known as the subcortical region, (red cell or primarily), where there is a T-cell, reticulated network and interact with dendritic cells mainly is dense. The site also dominant in the lymph nodes that contains the accessory cells and T cells, known as (reticular network) paracortex.