Lung, normal

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Lung, normal

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It is the breath of the most important body in the air-breathing animals, including many four-legged most, a snail and a few fish in a small number of lung. Mammals, in a more complex form of life, close to the spine on both sides of both lungs, the heart. Its main feature is that in order to transport oxygen from the atmosphere into the bloodstream, releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from the blood. This exchange of gas will require a large area to be achieved little by the mosaic of specialized cells that form millions of thin-walled air sacs very called alveoli.

In order to understand the anatomy of the lungs, to consider the air passage from the nose and mouth of the alveoli. Passage of air through the nose or, mouth and pharynx through the nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea (windpipe). In the system of bronchial they reach the bronchoalveolar lavage gradually, fragmented, air passes through the trachea split into two branches bronchi of these lungs. It is alveoli these many places gas exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide is performed. In tetrapod breathing fast, is driven by muscle activity, it is still, the air was driven high by the muscles of the pharynx through the pump in cheek amphibians. Reptiles, birds, mammals uses the musculoskeletal system in order to support breathing, and promote. Or pneumatic or Latin pulmonarius,: in the medical terms related to the lung, starting (high adjective form), in the lungs frequently.

The lungs of mammals, including humans, has a soft texture and sponge-like, the number of the outer surface of the lung itself is a large area much, you have the epithelium of honeycomb. Largely due to the diaphragm muscle at the bottom of the breast is large breathing. Guide the airflow in the airways, by volume, therefore, contraction of the diaphragm pulls the bottom of the cavity which is closed to the lungs in order to increase the pressure drop it. The air enters through the nasal cavity and oral cavity, then, in any branch within the department and subsequent main bronchus, it goes through the pharynx, the larynx and trachea. During normal breathing, expiration is a passive, muscle is not contracted (the diaphragm relaxation) and at all. Rib cage itself can be expanded to a certain extent by the action of the muscles of the respiratory tract and other accessories and contract. As a result, the air expelled from the lungs, or be transported inside. This type of lung similar to the bellows of a blacksmith, known as bellows lung it.

In humans, I was divided into two bronchi that enter the root trachea and lung. It continues to divide bronchi and lungs, leading to bronchial after several departments. It will continue the bronchial tree branches until it reaches the level of terminal bronchioles leading to the alveolar sacs. Alveolar sacs called plural form of infundibulum is made up of a group of alveoli like grape individual within the bundle sometimes. Alveolar individual is wrapped in blood vessels strictly is here that gas exchange actually occurs. Deoxygenation oxygen is pumped through the pulmonary artery to the lungs diffuse into the blood and blood from the heart and replaced with carbon dioxide in hemoglobin in red blood cells. Oxygen-rich blood returns to the heart through the pulmonary veins to be pumped back into the systemic circulation. “Health center and respiratory lung disease”.

And is disposed in a chamber of the two in human lung, on both sides of the heart. Appearance is similar, but the two are not the same. Both of the two left and right lobe of 3, it is divided into units of crack. Then a segment unit is a minimum unit visible to the naked eye, the sheet is divided into sectors hexagonal lungs. Black and connective tissue separating the unit in smokers frequently. Inner edge of the right lung is substantially vertical notches of the heart while include left lung. In order to correspond to the shape of the heart, the notch of the heart, is a concave impression molded. Each title will be surrounded by a pleural cavity, pleural consists of two. Parietal pleura is located in the chest, visceral pleura is located on the surface of the lung. In between the pleura is pleural effusion.

Pleural cavity helps it to lubricate the lungs, is maintained on the surface of the lung in contact with the chest to provide a surface tension. Somewhat lung is “exploitation”, it has a huge reserve capacity as compared to the exchange of oxygen at rest. While moving slowly or still, even if there is no significant reduction in lung function in such a situation, excess capacity such, is one of the reasons why we can U smoke for years people it is, only a small portion of the lung, and blood gas exchange, it has not been flooded actually. Destruction of alveolar many situations lead linked to extreme shortness of breath, emphysema, too over time. By oxygen requirement to exercise the lung volume big, to be able to make the body fit the requirements CO2/O2 course if you increase, you are submerged. People with offset each other at a loss, further, as a result of capacity, it is possible to live in the lung only.