Gallbladder, normal

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Gallbladder, normal

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In vertebrates, the center helps to digest fat (gall bladder, gallbladder, bile duct vesicles) The gallbladder is a small organ concentrate bile production in the liver. In humans, in most cases, loss of the gallbladder, may be easily tolerated. Surgical removal of the gallbladder, is called cholecystectomy. Gallbladder is a hollow system located beneath the liver exactly. In adults, the gallbladder, measuring about 8 cm and length (3.1 inches) diameter 4 centimeters (1.6 inches) when it is fully deployed. Bottom neck, body: it is divided into three parts. Connect to the bile duct through the binding of the cystic duct hepatic duct common to become the common bile duct and then taper neck. Gallstone is called a stuck bag Hartmann often neck of the gallbladder mucosa times. Angle of the gallbladder is disposed between the lateral edge of the rectus abdominis muscle and coastal margin.

Gallbladder disease, is a disease related to the gallbladder. You may develop in other parts of the same system in the bile gallbladder gallstones. If can not gallstones gallbladder is symptomatic, it is divided into smaller pieces by the ultrasonic dissolution or with the drug, surgical removal of the gallbladder, known as cholecystectomy may be mentioned. Degradation products of gallstone bacteria of biliary lipid thin sheet of solubility of biliary lipid board, or unconjugated bilirubin, occurs in favor of precipitation of cholesterol when. For cholesterol gallstone cholesterol secretion of liver, metabolic diseases, intestinal bacterial degradation of bile salts in order to destabilize the cholesterol carrier in the bile, to produce crystals of cholesterol in combination with the change in motion of the gallbladder . The case of black pigment gallstones, changes in absorption and metabolism of heme lead bilirubin, increased bilirubin concentration and deposition of bilirubin calcium. Is the main factor leading to precipitation and bacterial degradation of brown pigment stone biliary lipid as opposed to mechanical obstruction of the biliary tract.

In a particularly fertile year, women, is an organization with the most compelling gallstones. Men to form a stone, may almost double, start for people to catch up, the difference narrows after menopause women. Female hormones, parity, estrogen replacement therapy or birth control pills, the main mechanism is the well-established risk factors for cholesterol gallstones. Female hormones, an adverse effect on the secretion of the liver function of the gallbladder and bile. Increased the secretion of cholesterol, reduce the secretion of bile salts, due to damage to the blank, bile salts, and estrogen reduces the secretion of progestin action gallbladder leading to shutdown. Progestin mud speaker Lennon of the new fourth generation to be used in oral contraceptives some increase the risk of cholecystectomy and gallstones further, but a fairly modest in the increased risk, the possibility that can not be clinically-important There is sex. State of Michigan that is compared with the 341 478 non-users, 138 943 user retrospective (historical) cohort study of the OC line in a large database that contains the data for 1981 and 1980 for billing Medicaid in Minnesota Broken. And high enough to be a problem clinically in young women only risk, but birth control pills, that it is a risk factor for gallbladder disease has been shown.

Those predisposed to it, some acceleration of the disease of women, but in 1984 the Royal College of General Practitioners oral contraceptive research, long-term oral contraceptives, shows that it is associated with an increased risk of gallbladder disease. In a recent study, it is suggested that this is not the case. The 1993 meta-analysis, it was concluded that the use of oral contraceptives, and is related to a transient increase incidence and mild gallbladder disease, good buying and selling, the low-dose oral modern effect even contraceptives, check exclusion is safer than the old formulation. [8]
In 2001, in the comparative study of IMS Health lifelink planning, risk of gallbladder disease associated with norethindrone comparison desogestrel, and drospirenone interpretation database as a large group of women using oral contraceptives is small, It was claimed that levonorgestre statistically significant increase can not be found. There is no statistically significant increase in risk associated with (ethynodiol diacetate, norgestimate and norgestrel) Other formulations of oral contraceptives.

There is a possibility that (1cm or less) is not a cancer Ost small polyps, unchanged for years. However, small polyps, for example, when viewed in other conditions such as primary sclerosing cholangitis, they likely to be benign low. Likely to develop into cancer, the higher the large polyp. Cholesterolosis is characterized by the growth of the lining of the gallbladder in the prediction of fingers due to excessive accumulation of cholesterol and triglycerides in intraepithelial macrophages. Cholesterol these polyps are benign gallbladder polyp most. The adenomyomatosis, other too thick, gallbladder wall discloses a pathological state of the gallbladder by the distribution of ground cell layer. This is characterized by a deep fold in the proper muscle layer. Called Rokitanski-Aschoff sinuses, ultrasound examination may reveal a campus diverticulae thickened gallbladder wall.