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Consists of a tube of muscle that passes from the stomach to the throat of food (known esophagus, as esophagus), esophagus is the organ of vertebrates. Peristalsis of stomach via swallowing, while traveling by moving from the mouth through the pharynx to the esophagus food. Words that are lit is derived from the Greek word derived from Latin oisophagos esophagus esophagus. In humans the “entrance. to eat”, esophagus is continuous with the level of the larynx pharynx C6 vertebrae. Esophagus passes through mediastinal back to the chest, abdomen entering through the opening of the diaphragm at the level of the tenth thoracic (T10). This is a 25 cm Normally, instability, recorded from 10 to 50cm, depending on the individual level. It is divided into the abdominal portion of the cervix, and breast. Because of the inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, it enters the esophagus open only to vomiting or when swallowing.

It is called the sphincter heart cardias sometimes or esophagus, but really it is not considered to be a valve, in fact, the junction between the (node ​​GE or gastroesophageal junction) stomach and esophagus, and more I’m similar to a good structure. The esophagus, in order to obtain a peristaltic wave that causes (called a bolus) balls food digestive tract of a sequence, the majority of contracts smooth muscle. In humans, it is a peristaltic contraction of smooth muscles to drive the contents through the digestive tract.

In most fish, the esophagus, very low mainly due to the (associated with the gills) the length of the throat. Not lungfish and lamprey chimera, true stomach, esophagus, so that it flows directly from the pharynx to the gut very effectively, and a little longer, however, some species,. To be, in short esophagus much longer than that of the fish according to the pharynx of tetrapods. In amphibians, in addition to the peristaltic movement of muscle, sharks and rays of the esophageal epithelium eyelashes, to help wash food together. Kang, esophagus is the poultry only in vertebrates most, to form a culture for preservation of food before entering the stomach True, it has been extended to the bottom. Structure with the same name connects the mouth to the stomach often, it is found in vertebrates, including arthropods and mollusks.

Is a thin layer of smooth muscle in the majority (muscularis mucosa) or muscularis mucosa [formula? In] gastrointestinal tract, is located on the outside of the lamina propria, and is separated from the submucosa. Refers to the muscularis mucosa (if it happens) the combination of the lamina propria and epithelium in the term “mucous membrane” or gastrointestinal mucosa. Etymology “is a special layer of the lining of their own,” as translated into Latin name I suggest “muscle layer of mucous membrane” and (lamina propria) (laminate muscularis mucosa), that. Muscle mucosa some of oriented smooth muscle fibers in a variety of ways to keep the surface of the associated glands and mucous membranes in a constant state of shaking slightly to expel the contents of the contact increased between the cavity contents and epithelium and crypt It consists of a thin layer.

(For example, respiratory tract, genitourinary tract and gastrointestinal tract) lamina propria is a component of the wet pad known as the mucosa or mucous membrane tube of various lines in the body. Lamina propria (ie, lamina propria mucosa) is located under the epithelium, which is a thin layer of loose connective tissue is mucosa and epithelium together. The name of the Latin shows, it shows that it is a characteristic component of the special lining of the lining ‘own coat. “Therefore, the. Specific layer relates to the combination of epithelial-specific plus laminate, contains the central lymphoid tissue in the small intestine and milk and capillaries (lymphatic),. Lining or mucosa term mucus secretion in the lamina propria always gland and duct to open lining epithelium of serous secretion and is included. lamina propria is rich in immune cells known as B lymphocytes. of IgA, the majority of these cells, secretion is a B-cell.