Common cancers 3

Product name Common cancers 3
Cat. No. MC
Current version MC4
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No. of samples 59
No. of patients 59
Core diameter 2.0 mm
Section thickness 4 micrometer
Price 244 EUR
320 USD
210 GBP
Description Endometrium cancer: 10 cores
Gallbladder cancer: 10 cores
Larynx cancer: 10 cores
Uterine cervix cancer: 10 cores
Malignant lymphoma: 10 cores
Malignant melanoma: 9 cores

Common cancers Endometrium adenocarcinoma     Common cancers Endometrium adenocarcinoma 02Common cancers Endometrium adenocarcinoma 03

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Extended 45-80% of all cancers diagnosed tumor and skin cancer, it is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in the horse. It is the most common type Sarcoids, skin tumor, is the most common type of cancer in general of horse. Squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, skin cancer is the second most common followed. while affecting the horse from 3 to 6 years often, usually, sarcoids is generated in the horse than the 9-year-old melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Surgical biopsy is the method of choice for the diagnosis of skin cancer most horse, but it is contraindicated in patients sarcoids. Efficiency and prediction of treatment depends on the type of cancer, the extent of tissue destruction of local, location of the tumor and evidence of spread to other organs of the (transition). Cancer metastasis, but not all, and through the use of chemotherapeutic agents to reduce or cured by surgical removal of cancerous tissue, or can be some.

Sarcoids constitute 39.9% of all cancers, the horse is a cancer that is most frequently diagnosed in the horse. Is that there is a possibility that man ages and the most likely horse from 3 to 6 years to develop the disease somewhat, there is no breed predilection for the development of sarcoids in there, but they at any age may occur. Sarcoids is more popular in families, some have suggested that there may be components which it is inherited. It establishes a link between the presence of 2 and type 1 bovine papilloma virus, several studies are associated with viral proteins in the cell proliferation of skin sarcoid formation, induce epidermal growth mechanism or precise control I have to be unclear. However, cells with high viral load is strong, and is associated with lesions and aggressive clinical symptoms more severe.

The number and appearance of sarcoids, normal head, feet, ventrum or on the genitals, around the wound, may be different and some horses with multiple lesions or single. Distribution pattern is shown to be an important factor in the formation of fly sarcoids. Sarcoids is that very rare patch of hair scaly oval wart (wart-like form), a small nodule (or nodules form) or (occult form),, (in the form of fibroblast) large inflammatory masses similar You can. Warts and sarcoids nodule is shown in the skin around the neck usually, mouth, eyes and between occult form that face groin, and penis sheath often. Tend to the site of previous injury base legs, the legs, and eyelids fibroblasts sarcoids. Several forms may be individual horse profile (mixed) present. The histological, sarcoids invade the dermis and is composed of occasionally subcutaneous tissue and, (cell to produce collagen) fibroblasts proliferation, but there is no need to transfer to other organs. Surgical biopsy will be able to diagnose the decisive sarcoids, but there is a significant risk of committing bad sarcoids. Therefore, is based on clinical symptoms exclusively, diagnosis is a safer choice complete resection or fine-needle aspiration biopsy.

taking the cost of the severity of clinical signs and take into account the treatment regardless in some cases spontaneously sarcoids, while regression of treatment, of course, duration of the disease and is unpredictable very, case it must be considered on a case-by. Surgical resection is not valid by itself, repetition occurs as a percentage to 64-50 of cases, but the removal is done in combination with other treatments often. That local treatment with the preparation (from canadensis plant sanguinaria) containing bloodroot extract is effective for the removal of small sarcoids for 7 to 10 have been reported, but it is caustic nature of the ointment, pain it is possible to apply a bandage that might should be sarcoid or, in the area where. Frozen Sarcoids is a possible way of another liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy), but it can lead to depigmentation and scar.

Antimetabolites, 5 – before it can also topical administration of fluorouracil to give good results, to achieve the effect, it takes 30 to 90 days the first coating usually after. The injection of, has achieved some success (around the eyes usually) immunomodulatory drug BCG and cisplatin chemotherapy small sarcoids. In one study, the injection of cisplatin injection, is effective in 69% in the treatment of small fibroblasts sarcoids I was (and horse nodule sarcoids in particular) 33% overall efficiency in multiple lesions and nodules BCG. However, BCG therapy, involves the risk of an allergic reaction in which there is a tendency to cisplatin and some horses to perform during the administration of multiple sarcoids. External beam radiation is used for small sarcoids, but it can be, often impractical. However, the possibility of recurrence of the condition of all sarcoid treatment after successful obviously. Although not fatal Sarcoids is large aggressive tumors destruction can loss of function that cause discomfort and make a euthanasia viable option in some cases, it is resistant to treating tissue surrounding . In fact, it is possible to associate euthanasia sarcoids can cause skin most often.