Breast cancer-normal

Product name Breast cancer-normal
Cat. No. CBB
Current version CBB3
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No. of samples 60
No. of patients 15
Core diameter 2.0 mm
Section thickness 4 micrometer
Description cancer: 15 patients with 2 cores each
normal: 15 patients with 2 cores each
Price 244 EUR
320 USD
210 GBP

Breast cancer-normal Breast infiltrating     Breast cancer-normal Breast infiltrating 02Breast cancer-normal Breast infiltrating 03

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Usually, from the lining of the lobules or milk ducts that provides the milk ducts, breast cancer is a cancer of the breast tissue. The cancer caused by the duct while known as lobular carcinoma, those originating from the unit are known as ductal carcinoma. Breast cancer occurs in humans and other mammals. There is a possibility that the majority of cases of men women, breast cancer occur in men.

Benefits to the harm of breast cancer is controversial. (Chemotherapy and hormone therapy) characteristics of cancer drug treatment setting, which may include surgery, immunotherapy and / or radiation. It provides the maximum benefit of a single chemotherapy regimen of some, are given in addition to general surgery, increase the chances of a cure. In many cases the local recurrence rate, the use of radiation to improve the overall survival rate and significantly after breast-conserving surgery. Worldwide, breast cancer is the account for (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer), 9.0% of all cancers in women. In 2008, breast cancer caused a (13.7% of cancer deaths in women) 458.503 deaths worldwide. Tend to delay in diagnosis has a poor performance due to men, [5] breast cancer, is more than 100 times more often in women than in men.
Prediction of survival of breast cancer patients vary greatly depending on the type of the geographic location of the treatment of patients cancer, stage. Breast cancer is diagnosed with survive for at least five years, of women more than 10 people 8 (84%), for example, the survival rate of the western world is high in the UK. In developing countries, however, the survival rate is inferior to much.

Symptoms that appear at the beginning of breast cancer is generally flat, it feels different from the rest of the breast tissue. Woman is detected more than 80% of breast cancer cases when you feel once. Most early-stage breast cancer that is detected by mammography. Mass is seen in the lymph nodes located at the underarm, can give breast cancer.

You can change the position and shape of the particles can include a thickening that is different from the breast tissue of the other one, and high or low around the nipple is not inverted, the display of breast cancer and other skin several times emissions from swelling of the clavicle and around the armpits and pain, underarm and breast of certain of the nipple / s with a rash or folds, of. Is a tool that can not be trusted for determining the presence or absence of pain (“mastodynia”) breast cancer, it is possible to indicate health problems other breast. Good breast cancer, the diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer is a particular type may be a substantial challenge. Well, it is possible to include a texture orange peel redness itching, pain, swelling, nipple inversion, warmth and of the whole breast, skin, orange peel-like symptoms, dangerous detection delay once even though similar to the inflammation of the breast, I no longer visible. Complex of symptoms reported another breast cancer is Paget’s disease of the breast. This syndrome is represented by changes in the skin, such as a slight scaling of the nipple eczema and erythema. Progress Paget symptoms numbness, and may include itching, tenderness, burning or pain. In addition, there may be a discharge from the nipple. You have a lump in the breast also, about half of women diagnosed with Paget.

In rare cases, what appears first as there is a possibility of phyllodes tumor is actually a fibroadenoma (hard movable lump). Phyllodes tumor is formed connective tissue in the breast (connective tissue), interstitial tissue and glands were included. Phyllodes tumors disposed ordinary meaning, they are classified based on their appearance under a microscope benign, malignant, or as a border. Sometimes, breast cancer presents as metastatic is a cancer that has spread beyond the original body. Metastatic breast cancer produces symptoms depend on the location of the metastasis. Common sites of metastasis include bone, liver, lung, and brain. Occasionally, weight loss unexplained, you can tell the occult breast cancer symptoms of chills and fever so that you can. Neurological symptoms and sometimes jaundice to allow the pain of bones and joints, there are symptoms of metastatic breast cancer. This means that it happens in many other diseases, these phenomena are referred to as non-specific. That most of the symptoms of cancer, including the most mass is a primary breast cancer is not known. Less than 20% of the mass, for example, cancer, mastitis of breast such and benign breast disease, such as fibroadenoma is the most frequent cause for the symptoms of breast disease. However, because of the emergence of new symptoms, patient and physician should be taken seriously ability basic cancer, breast cancer, regardless of age.