Brain meningioma transitional

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Brain meningioma transitional

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Meninges has meningitis associated with the central nervous system, a diverse range of tumors arising from the membrane layer. They arise from the arachnoid “cap” cells of the arachnoid villi in the meninges. In nature, is usually benign, but a small percentage, these tumors are malignant. Without producing symptoms in the course of your life, it is asymptomatic, meningiomas, many do not require treatment other than observation of regular. Typically, meningiomas, treated with conventional surgery or radiation symptoms. The historical evidence for meningioma, in order to remove the origin of them in 1800, dates back hundreds of years the surgery successful some have been found.

Among the tumors, and meningiomas, and depending on the source, presenting to a as indicated by various names in the older scientific literature. , “Epithelium”, “grain of sand” “fungi in the film hardness” “fungi tumor”, “dura sarcoma”, describing various “dural endothelioma”, “sarcoma”, “hemangioendothelioma”, ” such as meningitis “,” meninges fibroblastoma “,” meningoblastoma “,” mestothelioma meninges “,” sheath sarcoma “endothelial arachnoid fibroboastoma”, “is included. Modern term “meningioma” was used in (1939-1869) Harvey Cushing in 1922 to describe the range of tumors that occur through (the brain and spinal cord) neuraxis first, but another common have. Charles Oberling is subdivided into subtypes on the basis to have identified not only the cell structure, as well as other researchers, some subtypes of 10 types for many years thereafter. Options and three (I tumor grade) variants World Health Organization has classified the subtypes of 7 that was upgraded in 1979, in 2000 (WHO),,, nine low-grade, meninges of Class III and Class II classification system with each of the tumor. Fibrosis mixed Meningotheliomatous or transient (63%) (19%) (13%), and psammomatous subtypes, the most common is (2%).

The earliest evidence of meningioma of the possibility of the skull is located in Germany, it is about 365,000 years old. Possible examples of others are found in the continent of other parts of the world North America, South America, and Africa. When the autopsy Sir Caspar Bonecurtius, Felix Platter (1536-1614) is written record of early what was meningioma from 1600 probably at the University of Basel. Surgery to remove a meningioma is a first attempt in the 18th century and the surgery was successful in first in order to remove the meningioma professor of surgery Zanobi Pecchioli, of the University of Siena is carried out in 1835. (1932-1837) Keene (1924-1848) William McEwen, researchers notable meningioma other was William · W.. Continue to dramatic improvement in the treatment meningioma and research of the last century, tumor resection (removal), and medical science regarding surgical techniques for the improvement associated anesthetic, preservative, in technology for the control of blood loss , it is possible those tumors that are to be determined whether or not active is good.

Reason meningiomas are not well understood. Most cases are sporadic, randomly generated, which is a family some of them. Who suffered a head injury in the time individuals and scalp, given increased risk for the development of meningiomas, especially it is exposed to the irradiation ways. Possible that with increasing frequency, atomic bomb survivors in Hiroshima will develop meningioma is high, they close to the point of explosion. Dental X-ray, X-ray dose of dental X-ray is greater than this, especially for patients who have an image of the tooth often in the past, increasing the risk of meningioma. Patients with type 2 neurofibromatosis (NF-2) has a 50% chance of developing meningiomas (s). The study on the mobile phone, link was not found between the incidence of meningioma and use of mobile phone.

Many people have a meningioma, but it is still (no symptoms) asymptomatic in my life, meningioma was detected after autopsy. 1-2% of all autopsy to clarify the meningioma that was not known to people in life as had no symptoms. In 1970, because the proportion of the total 7.7/100, 000, without causing symptoms occurred in 5.7 100 000, conditions that cause tumor was found in 2 out of the tumor and 100,000 found. Detection of asymptomatic meningiomas was three times the advent of imaging system that sophisticated modern CT and such. The meninges can occur in women than in men increases, possibility is malignant when it occurs in men is high them. The meningioma, the meningioma, there is a possibility that potential associated with aging is becoming high, also occur at any age, but I can be found in men and women over the age of 50 most commonly. At a rate about the same as a possible other brain tumors, they were observed in Eastern culture, Western and all. Ninety-two% of meningiomas are benign, 8% are malignant or atypical.

Most of it is close to the area of ​​the sinus is generated from the arachnoid cells, meningiomas, is the place with the highest incidence of meningioma formation this. Crest of the sphenoid bone, falx cerebri, cerebellopontine angle, they are associated with duration over the cerebellum and spinal cord superior sagittal plane with superior parietal lobe and the frontal lobe most often, in the olfactory channel region of Sylvius. Circle the tumor is usually gray well, it takes the form of a footprint. Usually, lying on top of the shell, the base, they have a dome shape.

Saidokamu rare, is orbit / optic nerve sheath and Magnum hole elsewhere. The meningioma, there is a potential to occur more frequently in Western countries in Asia, more frequently, occur in the spinal cord tumor in women than men.
The Histologically, in the tendency to form grain of sand body and the spiral (laminated lime stone), to surround each other, meningioma cells are relatively uniform. They can have a tendency to calcification, a highly vascular. Meningiomas, are considered benign tumors and can be treated by surgery often, recurrent meningioma most is consistent with the benign tumor histologically. Metabolic phenotype of benign recurrent meningioma out these metabolic active are similar to those seen in atypical meningioma.