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The application is a blind tube type that is connected to the cecum since been developed embryology. It is pouchlike structure cecum, the colon. Annex is located near the junction of the small and large intestines. Term “appendix” means “form of worms” and comes from the Latin. It has evolved independently marsupial diprotodont, in monotremes, and also widely present in Euarchontoglires, size and shape is very diverse it. The length of the human appendix is ​​AVG 11 cm, but may be in the range of 2-20 cm. The diameter of the application is a 7 ~ 8mm typically. I was measured 26 cm from the patient Zagreb, Croatia further deletion up until now. Application is located in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen close to the bone of the right hip joint. Position in his abdomen, which corresponds to a point on the surface, which is known as (see below) McBurney point. Core applications are cm ileocecal valve 2 following a fixed location relative to, the position of the tip of the application peritoneal (behind the cecum) cecal Yes (74%), may vary to be in the pelvis is out.

Description had been missing for lack of importance and unique shape of the appendix as determined by the long side does not exist, it is gut-associated, called the immune system surrounding the intestine and other places administrative The lymphoid tissue, has been accepted that you perform many important functions, but the effect of appendicitis after. Flash disease, bacteria of those Duke University, which was proposed by William Parker, Randy Bollinger, in 2007, from the rest of the bowel, which functions as a haven for bacteria application from colleagues. Immune system, including its architecture, in combination with the popular features of many applications, only this proposal, the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria the position of the flow below the normal one-way bacteria and food of the large intestine association with copious amounts of immune system and is based on a new understanding of how to promote. In a study conducted at the University Hospital Winthrop, possibility that individuals that have not been added have a recurrence of four times C. difficile showed high. However, other studies, infection among people who have added those which do not indicate that there is a large proportion of C. difficile.

Possible scenario for the transition to the appendix of the human from the current function cecum completely around by Charles Darwin. Be used for administration to digest leaves as primates was suggested him. It may be evidence of ancient human anything has deteriorated almost in the course of evolution. As long cecum herbivores like some found in the koala and horse like this, it seems to confirm this theory. Cecum of the koala, will be able to host the bacteria to help it to decompose the cellulose specifically. The ancestors of the human race, you may want to rely on this system when I was living in green diet is rich in them. As people have started eating the food digestion easier, you may want to become less dependent on plant cellulose content of energy is high they. As was the need much to digest cecum, mutation as survived, mutation (interfere with the progress and evolution) is harmful before it does not matter. It that these alleles become more frequent, cecum has been shrinking was suggested. The cecum and the need, in millions of years later, this to degrade the applications of today.

The most common disorder of the application, I have a (appendix carcinoid) carcinoid tumor and appendicitis (of people). About 1 200, application cancer is a malignant tumor of the gastrointestinal all. In rare cases, I also present adenoma. Is a state (epityphlitis) or appendicitis is characterized by inflammation of the appendix. In response to the development of the embryo midgut pain and appendix of often, it starts in the center of the abdomen. Usually, dull, this pain is visceral pain that is poorly localized. Because inflammation progresses, pain will start localization more clearly inflammation and peritoneal quadrant, lower right. Peritonitis and inflammation of the peritoneum, leading to (pain upon removal of pressure than the application of pressure rather) recovery response. In particular, it presents a third of the way along a line drawn from the anterior superior iliac spine McBurney point, the navel. In general, pain points (skin) is not only displayed on the parietal peritoneum and is inflamed. Immune system and fever is typical of appendicitis.

Appendicitis will require removal by laparoscopic or abdominal inflammation or addition. If untreated, the application potential rupture shot followed and left untreated, death still lead to peritonitis. Surgical removal of the appendix applications are called appendectomy or appendix. If the patient is suffering from acute appendicitis, usually, this removal is performed as an emergency treatment. When the surgical facility does not exist, intravenous antibiotics are used to prevent or delay the onset of sepsis. More often, inflammatory mass formation around the appendix, appendicitis resolves completely in some cases. This is relatively contraindicated for surgery.

Recently, to deepen the understanding of gut immunity, refers to the ability of apparent mammalian cecum use, such as a safe-house for the plant protection on infection of gastrointestinal in society symbiotic gut, no modern medicine, cognitive biology I merged with and medical basis. Potentially, this feature is a selection force for the development and maintenance of applications. Be described in mammals based on the shape of the cecum mainly can be three-form type of cecum application: (as of primate species many) cecum, the upper part of the vast cecum, appendix as an appendix to the long , and application (dunes of Cape Moruratto and large wing rabbit in the absence of a clear cecum) and (wombat as) it is an important branch of larvae or round. Further, the elongated addition, or found mammals (like monotremes) is shown in or lacks the cecum, such structures are important between structures, such as applications and cecum (like Koala) junction Na is missing. The appendix cecum, it developed independently at least twice and is another example of the convergence in the form of placentals between marsupials Australia in the rest of the world is displayed. Application, but also have been lost by host species obviously being maintained for at least one strain 80000000 or more years.